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Failures are a normal matter and Outriders has a few, which leads us to specifically explain how to fix Scrap Grenade Bug.

What is Scrap Grenade Bug in Outriders?

This is an inconvenience that we find ourselves with, and it tends to occur recently, as this means that in a way it can affect us in the game, because Scrap Grenade will cease to be functional in the middle of a battle and that is where all legs are placed. Above, it is necessary to wait a bit until the developers manage to launch an update that allows to solve this problem.
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    How to fix Scrap Grenade Bug in Outriders?

    This is an inconvenience caused by the cut scene, because after the scene we are presented with the failures, because when using the weapon we will see that the mod breaks, the scene passes and in a couple of seconds we see that the mod is broken, which means that even when we shoot continuously, there is a period of time between 1 and 2 seconds in which there will be no activity, and here it is necessary to take charge of executing some kind of skill that is useful to do damage, considering that our weapon will be damaged, this means that during this inactivity time we must put it aside. In this sense, it is ideal to change the weapon without a mode before the cut scene appears, so that we are not affected in the middle of combat, once the scene passes we place the mod again, because wasting time here is simply not a option which makes it necessary, opting for the most favorable strategy that undoubtedly lacks is to make use of another ability while the main weapon is inactive.

     Now that you know how to fix Scrap Grenade Bug it is time to make a choice and thus overcome the battle in Outriders.

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