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We continue working on Outriders and this allows us to talk to you about How to beat Shaman Warlord

Who is Shaman Warlord in Outriders?

This is one of the mini-bosses that we come across in this game, it has some attacks and abilities that can become quite annoying, and these can increase as they level up, it is usually a very complex adversary to eliminate, because He is known as the "Lord of War" and it is not for nothing that he has this name.
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    How to beat Shaman Warlord in Outriders?

     Being a mini-boss it is necessary to be careful and in this sense it is necessary to consider:


    •  Be on the lookout for the special attack he usually has.
    • It is necessary to adapt our defensive posture, due to the special attacks that this boss usually delivers.
    • It is necessary to take care of hiding behind objects and barriers to protect ourselves from attacks.
    • We must avoid being hit by a "Shield Throw" or "Lightning Storm" attack, these can occur when we are running.
    • It is necessary to choose to interrupt the special attack during the chain lightning, because with this we manage to generate an opening and therefore be able to attack.
    • Attacking between his special attacks is our best bet, especially considering that this mini-boss has a lot of life points.
    • It is vital to have the correct mods to survive.

     In this sense, knowing how to beat Shaman Warlord allows us to get involved in a formidable fight in Outriders, try it and get the most out of this fight.

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