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Outlanders: Como Construir una mejor aldea - consejos y trucos

2019-12-02 09:09:16

In the following Outlanders guide we will explain everything about how to build a better village.

This is a game that is based on the creation of villages, because life in these places is usually quiet, and with a lot of peace, which allows us to move between the villages in an extremely prosperous way, which leads us to maximum efficiency among all the inhabitants, that is why in this guide we will explain step by step everything you need about how to build a better village.

How to build a better village with the basics in Outlanders?

The first thing we must do to know how to build a better village in Outlanders is to keep in mind that there are a couple of basic structures that are extremely necessary, which must also be built and are also highly important, as they are the main element for construction, which allows us to give way to the creations that we are going to have and that allow us to survive in our village.

  • Forager cabin: during the first phases of a level it is highly necessary because it is the only food source we will have.
  • Lumberjack Base: this is a very important element, since we need it to be able to process all the wood and turn it into boards, since this is the most important article in the construction, especially when we are talking about advanced structures in Outlanders.

How to make good use of the cabin of Forager or the base of the Lumberjack in Outlanders?

As we explained in the previous paragraph, these are 2 very important elements to know how to build a better village, because they are really the epicenter, because when placing them, we are presented with the possibility of observing a highlighted area very close where we place them, this allows us knowing what the scope of the structure is, because it allows us to visualize the amount of resources that we can collect, since these are part of the materials we need and which we should take full advantage of, it is also important to place them in a specific place where we can gather the greatest amount of resources, to be highly efficient from the beginning of construction.

Why is it necessary to monitor the villagers in Outlanders?

The villagers are also an extremely fundamental part in the process of knowing how to build a better village, because they are the ones who make life in these spaces, but not everything is rosy, since the villagers must also go through some not very pleasant events, Since this is part of everyday life, for example if they are hungry, the focus will usually be on the cabin of Forager, since due to the efforts made their attention will go directly to the farms, because as you will see, they they also require certain essential elements to be able to survive, among which is the one to rest, in some cases some of them sleep outside, which is why we must know how to build a better village, to prevent this type of situation from happening.

On the other hand, food is highly necessary for life, so food is a fundamental part of their performance, because, normally they eat often throughout the day, because if for some reason they do not eat in a few days, obviously they will be hungry , and naturally their speed will be reduced, which will lead to death and this ends the happiness and prosperity of the entire village. So, to be able to have a notion about the vitality of the villagers, we leave in their happiness, which we can observe at the top of the screen, because, there we check and if we see a happy face, it is a symbol of more work and greater possibilities for the little ones in Outlanders.

Why use decrees to keep villagers under control in Outlanders?

If we want to do a job well done and especially one that involves details about how to build a better village, it is necessary to make use of the decrees, since these regulate the villagers, even if they affect them in some cases in a positive or negative way In Outlanders, to access these decrees we will have to be at level 3, Big Trouble in Cookie Island, these can last until we decide to cancel them, only before canceling any decree it is essential to wait a minimum of 3 days. The decrees depend on us and on the correct use that we give them, because, on the one hand they can be highly favorable for our progress, but if we misuse it we would simply be facing the decline of the people, therefore it is something that does not we must take lightly in Outlanders.

The decrees serve to:

  • The decrees in Outlanders allow us to control the villagers and keep them under control when a situation arises, since most of the time they are usually very happy and these decrees serve to regulate it.
  • When the villagers enter into maximum happiness, and they are not controlled as to the procreation of babies, there we apply a decree that allows the place where food is stored to stay dry and obviously this will generate momentary deaths, which makes the villagers not They want to get a little more playful than they should.

How to build a better village using the roads in Outlanders?

The roads are necessary elements for the transfer of the villagers who are far away, which allows the trips made by the villagers can be made a little more efficient in terms of travel time, because normally when we build a village, the most obvious is connect it, through a road; although they do not always use roads, because in some cases we place a Forager’s Hut in the center of the forest, and let the villager travel all the way in Outlanders.

Why review the inactive activity of the villager in Outlanders?

It is possible that there are villagers with their inactive state, because of this you realize when you see them that do not have a specific course, a case of this we can observe with mushroom pickers, because once they finish they will simply sit until these are deallocated or the cabin is destroyed, that is why it is ideal to assign a job to 4 villagers, because if we do it in the case of farms, they will work the land quickly and once they are free the ideal is to assign them other work and that they return for the harvest, because during the time that the fruits grow normally the villagers would be doing nothing, and they could serve us for our objective of knowing how to build a better village, on the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that Villagers in Forager's Huts and Lumberjack's Base / Cabin are kept busy.

Why order the structures to know how to build a better village in Outlanders?

This is an important objective when planning, because while we are in one of the first stages of a level, we could leave some structures, which we could order so that the villagers can appear in them, if we touch any structure that is not built as such, we can mark a priority option, preventing villagers from ignoring it, and in this way they can finish the structure that we have marked first, that is why the order in which we build must be unique and elementary, where we put the food as One of the most relevant aspects.

What is a food buffer in Outlanders for?

Food is an important part in this game, therefore it is necessary to make use of the decrees where there is regulation of the population of the villagers to know how to build a better village, we just cannot overdo it because if we limit happiness too much we will simply be limited villagers, if we stay behind in food, we will simply be delayed in everything and this does not allow us to reach our goals, so we would have to start from scratch again, and this is really a negative point to our challenge of knowing how to build a better village, on the other hand, the same decrees can also be used to encourage reproduction, but we must do so patiently, preparing to face the amount of food intake and that we do not get out of control in Outlanders.

Why pay attention to the people in Outlanders?

It is important not to ignore the villagers, as they will normally present certain problems, to which we must give importance, as it is important to keep them under surveillance, because when an event that has enough relevance occurs we will see it marked on the top of our screen, between what we can refer to the birth of a baby or the loss of a job, a very interesting topic, when knowing how to build a better village is about.

In general terms, knowing how to build a better village in Outlanders is very interesting, it brings us closer to everyday life.

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