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Outer Worlds: Where to find engineering books

2019-10-25 15:58:48

Many Outer Worlds players deserve to know how to find engineering books, if you don't know in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know.

In Outer Worlds we find a mission called Scared Engineer, this launches you in a surprising search, you will have to find three engineering books in Terra 2, but unfortunately this is an extremely large place and these books are very small, so get them among many Articles are quite difficult, so we have prepared this guide to make it easier for you.

Where to find the scared Engineer mission in Outer Worlds?

  For you to find this mission you have to go to the Thomas Kemp Laboratory of Outer Worlds, you will get it wandering possibly near the workbench, it is precisely the place where you can update the weapons, you have to talk with this character and in this way you can resume the search for him to get the different volumes of engineering books.

  Where to get the mechanical engineering book volume 1 in Outer Worlds?

  To get this engineering book Volume 1 you must go to the community center at Terra 2 in Edgewater, it is necessary that you load in a separate area, when you are inside you have to climb the ladders, then you have to look at the desks at the top, You will get it on one of them, be careful with some enemies that may appear there.

  Where to get the mechanical engineering book volume 2 in Outer Worlds?

  You get this second volume of engineering books at Edgewater in Saltuna Cannery, very close to where you talk to Phyllis, you have to climb the stairs and you will get this volume 2 hidden in some of the boxes that you can see in that place.

  Where to get the book of mechanical engineering volume 3 in Outer Worlds?

  This will be the last volume of mechanical engineering of Outer Worlds in the course of the main story, to get volume 3 of mechanical engineering you have to go to the geometric power plant, it is a robot installation enclosed with a metal fence and with its electric gates, you must enter next you must go to the northeast of the map. Once you are there you have to look for the stairs and go down, you will get Higgins, once he speaks you should look for the book that is very close to this character.

  This is it, we hope that our guide has been a great help in Outer Worlds, now you know how to get the engineering books, remember that there are three volumes that you should obtain, as you can see it is quite easy, of course knowing the location sites that We have given him.

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