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Outer Worlds: The secret people guide

2019-10-29 15:23:41

Find out all the details related to the secret people in Outer Worlds. Here we have it covered.

 One of the missions that you will have to complete in Outer Worlds is the so-called "secret people", where you will need to find the location of Braxton for Velma Ballard, as it will be the key to perform the daily operations in the Velma factory. To help you complete this secondary mission, we bring for you a guide with the details you need to know about the secret people, to find their location, so take a look.

Secondary Mission: The Secret People of Outer Worlds

The first thing you'll need to do is visit Velma Ballard, located at the Stellar Bay factory in Monarch and start a conversation, where she'll inform you that the guy responsible for fattening the fish has disappeared and must be found immediately. So he'll ask you if you can track Braxton's location, accept the mission and follow the marker on your map.

This will lead you to Laura, who has been buying drugs at Braxton. So you'll need to talk to her to tell you that Braxton made a delivery to the "ruins south of town" recently. Then you must follow the new marker on the map.

When you get there, you'll have to go inside to meet Edgar Mather, talk to the family to be invited to dinner and take advantage of the occasion to inspect their home. The next step is up the stairs and into the bedroom, where you'll find a closed door. Select the lock to open it or steal Edgar's key.

How to get the Edgar Mather key in Outer Worlds?

You have two options, as shown below:

- Kill him and plunder his corpse.
- Steal it if you have 40 points on Sneak.

When you're finally inside, you'll notice that Braxton's body is lying on the bed, and he's missing a leg. Go to him and grab both his work ID and the weapon in his body. When he does, he finishes looting the rest of the house and flees through the door on the second floor that leads you to the Monarch desert or through the kitchen.

Confront his family

As you descend the stairs to the kitchen, you must fight with their family and kill them in order to escape back to Ballard. This way you will notify him that you found him and you will receive your reward of 625 bits and 19,250 XP for completing the mission.

  This is all you need to know to be able to complete the mission of the secret people in Outer Worlds. We hope this information has helped you.

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