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Outer Worlds Skills Guide - All you need to know

2019-10-23 06:38:06

In this section we will show you everything related to the Skills that you can have in Outer Worlds. Take a look here.

In Outer Worlds, the next role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, you will have the option to create your own character, which will witness the tactics that futuristic corporations will carry out in order to make quick money. This is where the Skills comes into play, as what your character can do or not depends on them. Therefore, we bring for you everything you need to know about these Skills, with the purpose that your character has a better performance in Outer Worlds.

Parameters of the Skills in Outer Worlds

Divided into 7 different sections, the Skills of Outer Worlds give your character a higher degree of definition, this will allow you to know your character better, ie know the way in which best performs, both in combat, strategically, as in the handling of weapons. 

You should know that when you put the first 50 points in each skill, these will increase all Skills of that category. This means that if the melee is divided into:

  • Single-handed melee weapons.
  • Two-handed melee weapons.

And you want to specialize in that category, then the first 50 points will have the ability to increase the two options, but when surpassing the first 50, you will have the ability to put points in 1 or 2 hands directly.

Also Outer Worlds gives you the option that for every 20 points that you put in the skill, you can use a special passive, this means that in the first 50 points that you put in one, you get your first two passive in that category.

7 categories of Skills in Outer Worlds

Below we will show you the seven sections into which the Skills of Outer Worlds are divided, followed by additional elections:

Skills of Outer Worlds: Dialogue


  • 20: You want to terrorize: You have a 20% chance that an enemy will terrorize, escaping the combat for 10 seconds.
  • 40: Increases the area of effect of terrorizing by 100%.
  • 60: Decreases the movement speed of terrified creatures by 30%.
  • 80: Creatures have a 10 percent chance of winning terror.
  • 100: When terrorizing a creature, the odds of critical strike increase by 5%and in critical strike damage for 10 seconds by 25%.


  • 20: Scramble wins: A chance of Automechanicals will unite other creatures than you during 15% 17 seconds.
  • 40: Scramble increases by 7 seconds.
  • 60: Normal attack speed for scrambled automechanics.
  • 80: Increases the probability of automechanics coding by 10%.
  • 100: Scrambled mechanics cause 30% weak point damage.


  • 20: You gain fear: Humans have a chance to shrink in fear for 3 seconds after the initial attack on them by 20%.
  • 40: Cower has the ability to last an additional 7 seconds.
  • 60: Any human has 50% armor.
  • 80: A human's chance of shrinking is 10%.
  • 100: You get 25% armor for 10 seconds when a human is shrunken.

Skills of Outer Worlds: Defense


  • 20: You get a perfect block: block just before you get hit.
  • 40: When you block with your weapon, it has a 25% durability loss. 
  • 60: When blocking, your walking speed increases by 100%.
  • 80: Blocks perfectly so you don't lose any of your weapon's durability.
  • 100: When you execute a perfect block, you will weaken your enemies, as the damage they receive increases by 100% for at least five seconds.


  • 20: Use the ability to jump.
  • 40: Your recovery increases by 100% after executing the jump.
  • 60: You get protection to dodge: After dodging you will have a 30% armor rating for 5 seconds.
  • 80: You gain dodge strength: As you dodge, your melee attacks will increase your damage by 50%.
  • 100: You win to dodge penetration: When you dodge, your character's weak points have the option of ignoring the entire armor for 5 seconds.

Skills of Outer Worlds: Leadership


  • 20: Your peers gain 30% of their healing effects when your inhaler cures you.
  • 40: By critical hit, your teammates earn 20%.
  • 60: The healing effects of your inhaler will increase by 25% for your peers.
  • 80: You win resolution: Your team gets a 50% armor index and damage for 10 seconds when your teammates are knocked down.
  • 100: If your partner succeeds in killing an enemy, the enemy will regain 50% of his health.


  • 20: You win Skills of companion: your character will be able to order your companions to execute special attacks during the combat.
  • 40: The armor index is increased for all your teammates by 20.
  • 60: Your partner's ability gives your character's Skills a 100% bonus.
  • 80: You gain inspired precision: If one of your teammates succeeds in knocking down an enemy, the entire group is benefited with a critical strike probability increased by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • 100: In the event that a teammate kills an enemy, all skill cooldowns of your teammates can be reduced by 20%.

Skills of Outer Worlds: Body to Body Fighting

Body to body with 1 hand

  • 20: Use power and sweep attacks.
  • 40: With your attacks you can make use of TTD Location Hit Effects. 
  • 60: The range of your weapon with one hand increases by 30%.
  • 80: Your one-handed weapons use 50% less TTD.
  • 100: Your sweep and power attacks have a 25% chance of stun.

Body to body with 2 hands

  • 20: Use Power and Sweep Attacks
  • 40: With your attacks you can make use of TTD Location Hit Effects.
  • 60: Your attacks with two-handed weapons are unlockable.
  • 80: Your 2-handed weapons use 50% less TTD.
  • 100: Your sweet attacks and power have a 25% chance of knocking down your enemy.

Skills of Outer Worlds: At a distance


  • 20: With your attacks you can make use of TTD Location Hit Effects. 
  • 40: The critical chances of your pistols increase by 50%.
  • 60: Your guns have a minimum armor penetration of 10% damage.
  • 80: Your guns have a 20% chance of causing critical damage to disadvantaged enemies.
  • 100: Critical hits from your handgun omit 100% of your enemy's armor.

Heavy Weapons

  • 20: With your attacks you can make use of TTD Location Hit Effects.
  • 40: Your heavy weapons have a 50% critical chance.
  • 60: The recharging speed of your heavy weapons increases by 30%.
  • 80: When your heavy weapons hit a critical hit, their fire rate increases by 30% for at least 3 seconds.
  • 100: The critical blow of heavy weapons omits 100% of your enemy's armor.

Long Guns

  • 20: With your attacks you can make use of TTD Location Hit Effects.
  • 40: Your long weapons have a 50% critical probability.
  • 60: Both the weak point damage and the shot to the head of your long weapon increase by 20%.
  • 80: After a death, for 5 seconds your long weapon has no weapon influence.
  • 100: The critical blows of your long weapon omit 100% of your enemy's armor.

Skills of Outer Worlds: Stealth

Cut into slices

  • 20: Sell your products to vending machines.
  • 40: In vending machines you can find access to restricted items. 
  • 60: Hack mechanics and turn them off for 10 seconds.
  • 80: Automatic mechanisms do not detect in an additional range of 30%.
  • 100: Hack mechanics into 2.5m more meters, for a total of 5 meters.


  • 20: Doors and containers that need at least 1 Mag-pick to open, are free access.
  • 40: Inside the containers you can find 25% more bits. 
  • 60: Be sure to preview what's inside a container before choosing a padlock. 
  • 80: Your lock increases the speed to happen almost instantly.
  • 100: The chances of finding immaculate objects are 100%.


  • 20: You get a furtive attack: You have the chance to attack unconscious enemies while you're crouching, causing more damage.
  • 40: You can steal: You have the option to steal from humans while you are crouching.
  • 60: The movement speed of your squatting position increases by 25%.
  • 80: Sneak attack damage to weak spots increases by 20%.
  • 100: Your sneak attack will omit 50% of your opponent's armor.

Skills of Outer Worlds: Technology


  • 20: You get field repair: repair both armor and weapons in your inventory.
  • 40: Break both armor and weapon with a 20% chance of extracting a basic mod from the materials.
  • 60: You have a 20% chance that your repair will turn your item into Pristine, which increases its overall value.
  • 80: Break your armor with a 20% chance of extracting a rare mod from the materials.
  • 100: Causes 20% more damage to automechanics.


  • 20: Unlock the second drug mixing slot for your inhaler.
  • 40: You can unlock the third drug mixing slot for your inhaler.
  • 60: The duration of any hostile effect done to targets increases by 50%.
  • 80: You can unlock the fourth drug mix slot for your inhaler.
  • 100: Generates an additional 20% of damage against humans.


  • 20: You get a touch-up: improve both your weapons and armor on a workbench.
  • 40: The cost of your touch-ups decreases by 50%.
  • 60: Corrosion and N-ray damage increases by 25%.
  • 80: Your touch-up cost is reduced to 90%.
  • 100: Scientific weapons have no weight for your character, and are 100 per cientomás the size of a magazine.

This is basically all you need to know about Skills in Outer Worlds. We also invite you to stay tuned to our publications for more updates on this title.

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