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Outer Worlds: How To Make Money quickly

2019-10-24 19:12:23

In Outer Worlds, money plays an important role, since with it you can do many things such as buying ammunition, items, updating weapons, among other things. That is why we will show you what you must do to earn money quickly.

How to earn money in Outer Worlds?

The game gives you the option of selling almost any item to a seller. You can use Pack Mule for the purpose of helping you carry more items and when you get either a vendor or a vending machine, click on the option Sell in exchange for money.

Get money completing missions

You should know that most of the missions in this game, come with a reward of money to complete them, they can even reward you a considerable amount, but not only that, they could also grant you items that have no other value than selling in exchange for Bits

Collect the snake oil seller benefit

As a prerequisite you will have to have equipped five other benefits. With this advantage you can increase the amount of Bits you get from the sale of items by 20 percent.

Now that you know how to earn money in Outer Worlds, it is time for you to be encouraged to try it too.

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