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Outer Worlds: How To Get To Byzantium

2019-10-31 13:54:17

The following guide will tell us about Outer Worlds and the details on how to get to Byzantium.

An area that generates many emotions where we will find great opportunities in Outer Worlds, we talk about Byzantium, here we will have missions that will lead us to want to know how to get to this place, so the reason for the existence of this guide that will help us not to lose The opportunity to perform this exploration.

What should we know about Byzantium in Outer worlds?

We will meet many missions where we need to get to Byzantium, this area is hidden in the dialogues of some character that is on board the Groundbreaker, since there are no instructions on how to get here, to know what to do we will continue to get there in advance.

How to get to Byzantium using the dialogue options in Outer Worlds?

The important thing here is that in order for us to get to this place, we must have advanced sufficiently in history, having completed in it the majority that relates to Groundbreaker, In the Halcyon room of the Groundbreaker is Udom Bedford, just like the image we have above, we must talk to him following a dialogue options and these are:

  •   - I know where to find Phineas Wells
  •   - I want to claim the reward indicated in the search poster
  •   -Than?
  •   -What kind of reasons?

With this we conclude with the explanation, we hope that with this content it will be clear how to get to Byzantium in Outer Worlds and that this guide will be very useful.

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