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Outer Worlds: How to Get the Prismatic Hammer

2019-10-30 08:34:32

We have prepared for you a Outer Worlds guide where we teach you how to get the .prismatic hammer.

The latest game Obsidian Entertainment Outer Worlds has a lot in common with other games, such is the case of Fallout, because it presents a humor and style quite interesting, which makes science fiction simply an addition, here we see enemies too useful, and especially a group of 5 science weapons that are scattered and who have some exaggerated effects, among these weapons is the prismatic hammer, so join me to see how it is obtained.

 What is the prismatic hammer in Outer Worlds?

 This is a scientific weapon, which offers us the possibility of fighting in a melee way, because the most important thing is to have abilities to attack, this weapon simply offers us a considerable damage, since it generates energy blows, which are favorable enough because they can generate an explosion, which can hurt enemies who are at a certain distance, and inflict damage in various ways.

What are the two steps to finding the prismatic hammer in Outer Worlds?

In order to reach our goal we require two steps that we will describe below.

  ü Weapons of the void: in order to complete the search for the story A Strangeres necessary to complete a mission that bears the name Weapons From The Void, since this is useful to get the expected weapons, this reflects us that a clue quite clear about our weapon is undoubtedly reviewing the Groundbreaker, because as we see the protagonist ends up realizing that Alex Hawthorne, had been in charge of chasing some clues, because this happens when you read the household of the former captain, before suffering the accident in the escape capsule.

 ü The innovator: to be able to get the exact place where our longed for scientific weapon is required that the Captain of the unreliable acquire the data block called Mardet Maltrecho de Gladys, once he has bought it we are given the opportunity to get a revelation about the possible search for a room shown in the Groundbreaker map, this is located on the west side, there is where we will see a Gladys fence that is shown to us when we are in search of Passage to Anywhere in the main story of the game.

 A pretty important detail is to get the boxes that are against the left wall, because there we can climb up the bunk beds and thus access the conduit that is open and leads in the direction of the repair hangar, there we must make use of a blocking ability that is quite efficient, since when entering the room closed to the north we will have to eliminate all enemies that are inside, and this way we get the hammer, this happens after going through customs, as we have the option to enter Groundbreaker Promenade.

 When we have the hammer in our power we can continue searching for the rest of the scientific weapons, the mandibular reorganizer, the gloop gun, the retractable ray and the control ray.

 The prismatic hammer is only the first scientific weapon that we obtain, we hope that our guide has been useful and you can continue playing in Outer Worlds, so enjoy it, it is worth it.

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