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Outer Worlds: How to get all Trophies for PS4

2019-10-30 10:53:00

The following guide will tell us about Outer Worlds and explain how to get all the trophies for PS4.

There are many activities that make Outer Worlds one of the most popular games in such a short time, for every possible achievement we will be rewarded in the PS4 with trophies, to win all the trophies we must meet many requirements and this is where it comes in The reason for the realization of this guide and that is what we will solve next.

What can we know about all trophies for PS4 in Outer Worlds?

  The requirements for us to obtain all the trophies will vary, for some we must complete a certain history, in the case of others, they ask us to reach a special level and even kill a specific number of enemies, in this game for the PS4 it offers us a winning amount of 49 trophies.

How to get all trophies for PS4 in Outer Worlds?

 Through the following list we will know how to obtain each of the trophies:

  •  -Something is suspicious: Upon reaching the stellar bay
  • - All for One: By completing the complementary missions
  • - Updates available: make 30 improvements to the equipment through modifications
  • - Pleased to all: have a positive reputation with 3 maximum factions
  • - Welcome to Halcyon: Arriving at the Emerald Valley
  • - Ticket to anywhere: have your own boat
  • - Well dressed: wear a hat and chimera at the same time
  • - Anything for a friend: At the end of the search line for a partner
  • - Mad scientist: with 4 scientific weapons kill an enemy
  • - Short circuit: With crash damage kill 30 auto mechanics
  • - Dentastic: The largest dietary toothpaste recipe in the universe
  • - Balanced breakfast: Bonuses for meat, carbohydrates, sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol at the same time
  • - Hard: Finish the game on hard
  • - Destroyer of the worlds: Reach maximum negative reputation with 3 factions
  • - The cartographer: Dealing with the cartographer
  • - Expert: A skill increase to 100 was reached
  • - Got Your Back: Kill 50 enemies with companion ability
  • - A star was born: When starring in an Odeon Pictures movie
  • - Defective hero: When obtaining 3 defects
  • - Jack of All Trades: You have to kill an enemy with a scientific weapon during the TTD and with a critical point of weak impact
  • - Ludwig was right: Robotic destruction was brought to Edgewater
  • - Silver Tongue: Use dialogue skills 30 times in conversations
  • - Monarch Abides: Win the battle of Stellar Bay
  • - More powerful than the sword: By saving Edgewater permanently
  • - Impossible mission: Succeed in 3 dialogue conversation controls with a single costume
  • - Best friend: Recruit a partner
  • - Not the best option: By equipping simultaneously, clothes, headdresses and 4 weapons of the Spacer’s Choice brand
  • - Level 30: Upon reaching level 30 for the character
  • - Never seen: Kill 50 enemies with sneak attacks
  • - Paradise found: Arriving in Byzantium
  • - Lost and found: Hope jumped
  • - Pírate Radio: By stopping Monarch transmissions
  • - Peace in our time: Peace negotiated between the iconoclates and MSI
  • - Patient N: By killing 20 infected enemies by propagating N rays
  • - Poor sportsmanship: Hitting 30 enemies in the groin at the time of tactical time dilation
  • - Sunburn: Jump hope in the sun
  • - SubLight to the end: Complete the search lines
  • - Supernova: Finish the game on the supernova difficulty
  • - Health insurance: Use the inhaler 300 times
  • - Hard time: Land in Tartarus
  • - The Audience Jadea: Learn the shocking truth of the colony
  • - We all fall: With plasma damage turn 100 enemies into ashes
  • - Tossball All-Star: Kill 50 enemies with a throwing stick or a blocker
  • - Everything must go: Sell items for 10,000 bits
  • - Platinum Trophy: You have obtained all trophies in Outer Worlds
  • - The Outer Worlds: When the game ends in any of the difficulties
  • - The Harder They Fall: Kill a mega creature
  • - One for all: All colleagues are recruited
  • - Elemental maelstrom: Kill an enemy with the 5 types of damage

 So we come to the end of this guide, we hope that its content is very useful, which I try on how to obtain all the trophies for PS4 in Outer Worlds.

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