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Outer Worlds: How to Equip Perks easily - tips and tricks

2019-10-24 17:19:19

Next we leave for you a guide of Outer Worlds where we will indicate you How to Equip Perks the advantages easily in this game

 Outer Worlds is a game that gives us the ability to acquire XP thanks to most things we do, because activities such as using some skill in a conversation, or complete some parts in a mission, and because not eliminating an enemy will give us a chance to get XP, and the most favorable of all this is that we will raise the level, since each level, gives us the option to unlock a point of advantage, being this the most common to achieve it.

    In this game we find some missions that are a little complicated to do what allows us to know some characters, and even determine which are the advantages of our hero, as this gives us more strength when it comes to battles, so let's see how to equip the advantages in this game in the outer worlds.

How to equip the advantages in Outer Worlds?

  The first thing we must do is undoubtedly spend the points we have won, because with them we have the possibility of equipping the advantages, for this we will have to go to the character menu, this requires pressing the touch panel when playing on PS4, but if on the contrary we are in Xbox One we should only use L1 L2.

    Once we enter, it is necessary to go to the benefits section of the character menu, because that is where we will spend the points and to execute this operation requires pressing the button X A, this allows us to highlight it, then press squares if we play on PS4, or X in Xbox One, and then press to confirm and equip, it is important to take into account that once you do this, the same will be permanently so you have to be sure, since we can not get rid of the benefits we have acquired.

    On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that we have the option of equipping 5 advantages to unlock the next level, to be able to mix and match it, with the levels that we have already unlocked.

 In general terms, knowing How to Equip Perks the advantages in Outer Worlds is a matter of wanting to go further in the game.

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