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Outer Worlds: How to complete Drinking Sapphire Wine Quest

2019-10-31 09:49:07

 Once again we will talk about Outer Worlds in one of our guides, in this opportunity will be How to complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink.

 How to complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink, will be our goal in Outer Worlds, there is no doubt that this game has many missions of great interest and this will be one of them, here we will find many options with different results that we must discover with the passage of the same, for that we will have this guide and the details that she will have below.

complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink in Outer Worlds?

Once we have in our team Parvati in Outer Worlds, this will tell us that if we can introduce you to Groundbreaker engineer Junlei, already in case the main mission will cross our path many times, so we will go with Parvati to Groundbreaker and talk to Junlei, once we do we will introduce you to Parvati, so the dialogue must be done until the end, after this we will return to the ship, when we get to Parvati to talk to her, we will find her in the room on the left of the entrance of the boat exit.

After this we learn that this Parvati and Junlei get a message, not only that Junlei shows some interest in it, once we finish talking with Parvati, will receive a new message from Junlei, in the message may discover that this still feels affection for someone from his past, this will motivate Parvati to invite us to have a drink at the Groundbreaker, so we accept the invitation and go there.

What are the possible endings of the Mission of sapphire wine to drink at Outer Worlds?

To complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink, we will find the possibility of choosing 3 possible paths for the end of this mission of Outer Worlds, we could say that the endings are divided by categories: better, normal and worse, there is no doubt that for those who do not like Spoilers we do not want to know more, but for those of us who are interested in following now we will have those possible endings explained each.

How to complete the Sapphire Wine Mission to drink with the best ending in Outer Worlds?

If we want to achieve the best end, it is important that we have Perception and Persuasion at adequate levels in this situation, Persuasion at least in 25 and Perception has to be high as well, knowing this we will continue. We will take Parvati to the Groundbreaker bar, ask for wine, tell us that she likes it, then she will talk about Junlei and talk to us about her feelings for her.

At that time we should encourage her to continue talking about her feelings, we will use Perception or Persuasion skills here every time we can do it, using Perception we will measure why she is nervous about the possible advances with Junlei, we will use Persuasion to drink water and to be encouraged to invite Junlei to leave, then Parvati will tell us to return to the ship, being there we look for her to know that if I invite Junlei to leave and that they feel the same for each other, which will be important for that improves the relationship between us and we will have a new search called Do not bite the, now with the partner of Parvati.

How to complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink with the normal ending in Outer Worlds?

The normal ending could be an option depending on our interests, whether we do not care about the state of the relationship we have with Parvati or simply because we do not meet the optimal levels for skills, we are going through this end.

We leave from the same place, the bar, here Parvati will ask us what to drink, we will tell him that a beer, we review the options we have for dialogue to choose the answers we want until we reach the feelings he has for Junlei, we will tell him to drink more beer or Whiskey this time until he gets drunk, in the end it will be the same result as in the best final, he will invite Junlei to go out, the different thing is that we will notice more entertaining dialogues of Parvati and that our relationship will have no signs of improvement with in the possible previous end of which it was spoken.

How to complete the Sapphire Wine Mission to drink with the worst ending in Outer Worlds?

percent; 0A percent; 0A The worst ending may prove to be one of the most sinister we can have in a Outer Worlds mission, in this way we will say that if we go to the bar but it will never be like that, it will probably go alone, if so she will die of alcohol poisoning, this end will remove it from our team so that the missions that have to do with it will be totally blocked. 

At the end of this guide we find the answers we expected, knowing with this content How to complete the Mission of sapphire wine to drink in Outer Worlds, highlighting that in the end our criteria will be important in deciding how to complete this mission.

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