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Outer Worlds: how to block

2019-10-29 10:32:15

This guide contains the best tips and tricks for those who seek help on How to block in Outer Worlds.

  In Outer Worlds it becomes important to be able to block and even stop the attacks of our opponents, if we know how to do it we will be able to have advantage and confidence at the time of the confrontations, the fundamental reason for this guide is that it helps us learn these defense fundamentals , let's keep reading to get more answers.

  How to block in Outer Worlds?

If we want to use this tactic, we just have to press and hold both buttons of the mause and at the same time pointing down, it can be done by having a melee type fight carrying a weapon, what we will get is to block and avoid the damage, we will also be able to reduce the distance we can have with our enemies.

 How to block when stopping attacks in Outer Worlds?

 If we want to stop the attacks, it will be necessary to have skill points for the Block, it will take 20 points, at the moment they attack us, we must use the block to make the opponent lose his stability and at that moment take advantage to cause him a great damage, if we achieve a higher level of the block, say that at level 100, stopping an attack the damage we would do would be much larger, it must be said that for the bullets this technique does not apply.

 We have reached the end and it is appropriate to say that in this guide the answers were reached to understand how to block and even stop at Outer Worlds, it is expected to be very useful.

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