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Outer Worlds: How to get all unique Armor easily

2019-10-31 13:24:27

In this guide we will have all the necessary information to help us know how to get all the unique Armor in Outer Worlds.

In Outer Worlds there are many options for protection, such as helmets and bulletproof vests, but we will have the possibility of obtaining something special, parts that are not easy to get, which leads us to the resolution of How to get all unique Armor, It will not be easy but with this guide we will have an impulse that will lead us to achieve it.

How to get all the unique Armor in Outer Worlds?

  In the following list we will detail how to get all the unique reinforcements in Outer Worlds:

Unique head armor in Outer Worlds

 Iconoclast Apostle (Damage by Melee 5 percent)

 During the Sucker Bait search in Monnarch we will get this helmet, inside the abandoned relay station in a container.

 Defective MoonMan helmet (Temperament 1)

 We will find it in Groundbreaker, we must have a skill of 20 locks to be able to open near the Spacer's Choice store in The Promenade

 · Purpleberry Police Helmet (Cost of bribes -10 percent)

 We will find this helmet inside the custom building near the landing platform in Cascadia.

 · MSI Elite Helmet (Distance Weapon Extension -10 percent)

 Special for snipers in Outer Worlds, we will get it via reward when completing the BOLT with His Name search, in Roseway the search will give us Sanjar.

 SugarOps Helmet (Plasma Damage 5 percent, Lightning Damage N 5 percent)

 In the Cascadia building we will find this helmet, we will identify the building by a sign of Rizzo inside, in a safe the helmet will be, it is good to say that the percentage that can improve the damage of N-rays is already something

 · Welder glasses (Perception -1, Engineering 15)

 We will receive them as a gift for the pursuit of happiness is a warm spaceship

 · Researcher's mask (duration of bleeding effect 30 percent)

 We will get this article on the HRS-1084 satellite, we will go to the back of the satellite and the closed door will give us access to find the mask, by using it we can cause bleeding in our opponents.

 Hemlock eye patch (damage by stealth attack 10 percent)

 In the same building where we find the Iconoclast Apostle we are going to get this patch, in a dead subluminal thug

 · Reed hat (Dialogue 7)

 This will be one of the first pieces of unique Armor that we will get in Outer Worlds, Reed Tobson has it and we can take it off by killing it or we will simply seek to remove the key that gives us access to a room where we will find the hat and other additional booties.

 Certified Explorer Hat (Perception 1)

 We will obtain this as a reward once we complete the search All Halcyon in a Day

 · Sublight Contractor Rudder (Creature Damage 25 percent)

 With this helmet we can become a complete hunter, we will win it by reward when completing the Slaughterhouse Clive search, in which we must kill Clive or convince Catherine that works for him.

 · A pretty hat (Persuade 7, Leadership 5)

 We will find it in Monarch Wilderness, to the southwest of Stellar Bay there is an abandoned observatory, the skull of someone who died in this place will have it clinging to this hat until we decide to wear it.

Unique body armor in Outer Worlds

 Elite MSI Armor (Scope 5)

 In order to obtain the maximum firing power, we can combine it with the MSI Elite helmet, this will be achieved by completing the search Errors not seen.

 SugarOps Armor (Defense 5)

 In cascadia we must find an enemy that has it, we will take the elevator that will take us to the lower level of the Safehouse bridge and here we will find it.

 Iconoclast Apostle's Armor (Melee 5)

 Next to the helmet this would be a perfect combination for melee fights, we will find the armor in the relay station in a container.

 Raptidon Manipulator Armor (Dialogue 5)

 We will get this item in a locker at Roseway Luxury Apartment on terra 2, it's like the mini version of the chimera.

 · Safety jacket (Lockpick 10)

 At Harlow's base in Scylla we will find this jacket in a container, this will help us gain momentum for the ability to open locks.

 Chimera (Dialogue 10)

 This armor we will obtain via reward when completing the search `Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel ', is effective for those who talk about more.

 Sublight VP Armor (Intimidate 10)

 During the quest The Last Chimerists' Experiment, we will have to kill Eva Chatrand to receive this armor from Lilya Hagen

 In this list are all the unique Armor that we will get in Outer Worlds, along with the benefits they will give us when using or combining them.

To conclude, it remains only to say that the objective of this guide was achieved, thanks to its content, in which we talked about How to get all the unique Armor in Outer Worlds, we hope this explanation will be useful.

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