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In the Outer Wilds game, as is known, one must explore before the supernova explodes. In this sense, the well-known Sun Station was built to produce or trigger the Supernova. Without mebago, it is necessary to go there in order to get relevant information about the history, but play against the fact that it is not so easy to reach this station since its orbit is quite close to the Sun, complicating everything. However, the Nomai created a portal with which to have easy access to the Sun Station. In this sense, this guide will be based on how to get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds.

Way to the Sun Station - Outer Wilds

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    The Sun Station in Outer Wilds

    In Outer Wilds, the Nomai are an alien race that were responsible for creating the galaxy by implementing various secrets. Likewise, the Nomai also built the Sun Station with which it would be possible to unleash a supernova. This was done to create enough energy and thus be able to launch an orbital probe.

    Implementing the time loop, in Outer Wilds the Nomai could throw that over and over again while the statues of Nomai were going to enciar the findings at the beginning of each loop. However, once you get to the Sun Station, it is possible to discover that there was no success in flying the sun. This, in turn, led the Nomai to their High Energy experiments and the Ash Twin Project in the laboratory.

    How to get to Sun Station in Outer Wilds

    To get to the Sun Station in Outer Wilds, the first thing you need to know is that you need to take the direction to Ash Twin. Being in that place, it will only be necessary to land at one of the poles of the planet and exit.

    Being on the planet, it will be possible to see the Sun Station. Once there, the objective is to enter that tower. Although the main door is sealed, there is an entrance around the back.

    When locating the entrance to the back of the Sun Station, the next thing to do is enter as soon as possible, the sand that falls in this place will be helpful to overcome the thorny plants in the area. Being there, you will only need to go to the pasullo and go up the gravitational survey.

    Being in the gravity survey will be possible to reach the deformation portal in a blue glass located on the floor, you just have to stand on top of the glass and look up through the window.

    When the Sun Station passes over the head, it will deform. At this point you also have gravity floors through which to walk as well as a door to open. The little luck that runs here is that the bridge is outside, so you should float to the other side and with it you can enter the Sun Station.

    Achievement Hotshot in Outer Wilds

    Although at the beginning of this article it was mentioned that the landing in the Station of the Sun is quite dangerous, there is the possibility of doing it. Even in doing so, it will be possible to obtain a Hotshot Achievement by doing this. It is possible to find the best way to fly to the Estación del Sol and eject with the button to the right of the main console.

    It is important that at this point do not use the autopilot, due to the speed with which the Sun Station makes its orbit to the Sun.

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