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Outer Wilds has a world full of adventures and missions for players to spend a pleasant and interesting time in the game. But your biggest goal in Outer Wilds is to reach the eye of the Universe.

what is the Outer Wilds Eye of the Universe ?:

It is an ancient object similar to a planet with a very deep orbit around the star system of the game.

The Eye of the Universe of Outer Wilds will be your final goal, but do not think that, because it is the final goal, it will be easy to reach it, on the contrary, reaching the Eye of the Universe is a very difficult goal to achieve in Outer Wilds. But do not worry about that, we have prepared a guide in which we tell you how to reach the Eye of the Universe in Outer Wilds.

Although the really the end of Outer Wilds is one in which you meet all the adventurers you've met on the way and play a song with them around the campfire.

How to reach the Eye of the Universe in Outer Wilds.

The eye of the universe is a mysterious place that is somehow older than the universe itself as we already mentioned. A place which the Nomai have tried to find for a long time. Or rather, there were, because they all died while trying to find it.

To reach the Eye of the Universe in Outer Wilds you will first of all have to go to the Ash Twin Core to obtain the Advanced Warp Core.

Make sure you have the coordinates of the Eye of the Universe of the Orbital Probe Tracking Module hidden in the Giants Deep core that you will have to enter correctly.

Then you will have to head to the ship in Dark Bramble and enter the advanced warp core on the ship.

Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop - Outer Wilds

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