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 We've been talking a lot about Outer Wilds, it's time you know you really want to get to the end of Outer Wilds, you'll have to get an advanced Warp Core.

And in fact there is one hidden in the Twin Ash project. Although you will have to know how to reach the Twin Ash project in Outer Wilds, which is not an easy task ... However, we want to make things a little easier for you, that is why we have prepared a guide in which we tell you how to reach the Twin Ash project. But in addition to explaining how to achieve the Twin Ash project, we will also tell you how to get the Advanced Warp Core once you are inside, and other details related to the Ash Twin Core project.

Outer WIlds how to get to Ash Twin Project

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    How to achieve the Twin Ash project in Outer Wilds.

    So that you know how to reach the Twin Ash project in Outer Wilds, first of all, you will have to go into the core of Ash Twin, the issue is that there is no clear path that takes you there. Although if you know a bit about the distortion towers in Ash Twin you will surely know how to get there.

    Go to Ash Twin and land at one of the poles, then you will have to wait for the Ash on the planet to be raised by Ember Twin. You will also have to wait 3 complete passes to see the tower.

    You will know which is your tower because two of them represent the Twins of the Sand Clock, with the quebrada that represents the Twin of Ash. The tower that represents the Twin Ash is the one that interests us.

    Remove the ash and hide under the bridge that connects the two towers, wait until the ash passes over and just when it is on you runs to the broken tower.

    They will deform in the Ash Twin core. In the room you can find a lot of information about the story and a big switch. Move forward pulling the ball with you to the top of the tower to open the advanced warp core.

    But before moving forward you will have to deactivate the gravity by pressing the switch to the left of the device, and there, return and grab the warp. This is used to feed the Warp device into the container and in turn allows Nomai to access the eye of the universe.

    Take the warp core and you will have reached the end of Outer Wilds after reaching the Twin Ash project.

    While you are looking to achieve the Twin Ash project you will get information related to the series of events that lead to the time loop. The Nomai used the Sun station to unleash a supernova to generate enough energy to forge the advanced Warp core. Using the coordinates obtained through the orbital probe, they could then use the vessel to visit the eye of the universe. The 22 minute time loop was imposed by the Nomai so they could carry out this trip that you will also have to follow.

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