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In Outer Wilds the indie video game of adventure and adventure of exploration of open world you will go into the search to be able to locate the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds. However, to get there you will have to go to the Black Hole Forge first, which will not be easy at all, because you will have to go to The Hanging City to raise the forge before diving into another planet. If you want to know which is the correct way to achieve your goal, continue reading, we will show you how to raise the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds, among other things.

To be able to reach the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds will not be an easy task, since you must activate a series of steps before the sun explodes.

Outer Wilds - How to find The Black Hole Forge on Brittle Hollow

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    Below is a series of steps on how to get to the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds in detail:

    • Step 1: Go to the Hanging City.
    • Step 2: Lift the Forge using the switch in the Meltwater area.
    • Step 3: Go back to your ship and fly to the Ash Twin.
    • Step 4: Find the tower that contains the warp portal to the Forge.
    • Step 5: Enter the Forge and learn the secrets it contains.

    Hanging City

    To get to the hanging city in the outer mountains you must fly to Brittle Hollow and land near the Escape Pod. Once there, you must go through the Escape Pod, blow the back door and go down the wooden steps. Once inside the city go to the left and you will see many gravity crystals on the roof, they will guide you where you are going, climb the gravity path and cross your path. Follow the path until you fall into the building in front of you and that's it, you'll be in the Hanging City.

    Elevate the black hole's forge in Outer Wilds

    Here you can go to two areas of towers. Look closely at the signs ahead and go to the Meltwater symbol. When you reach the melting water floor, you must go to the room below, where you will find a switch that will raise the Black Hole Forge. What you will have to do will be to shoot it by pulling the ball towards the bottom of the switch. Then return to your ship.

    How to get to the black hole forging of Ash Twin in Outer Wilds?

    There are two ways to get to the Black Hole Forge. One of them is flying towards the forge, crashing your ship against the gravitational floor. However, we recommend you go for the option of flying to the Ash Twin and wait until the ash is carried away by the cyclone. Inside you will see a path of gravitational glass going down to a deformation portal, you must go down this road and go around the corner. Once there, you'll be standing on a warp platform, just look down through the observation hole and wait until Brittle Hollow passes. And that's it, that way you'll be in the Black Hole Forge area. Then you can go to the Black Hole Forge.

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