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In the strange universe of Outer Wilds where you focus on exploring and solving the puzzles that occur in a certain time range, the ultimate goal is to reach the Eye. However, surely as a player you will have the desire to solve the mystery of the Quantum Moon, although this does not turn out to be a simple task. To get to the Quantum Moon it will be necessary to go through the sixth location based on the Quantum rules that have been learned during the game. So that the community of players save a lot of time and increase the fun they may have, in this guide of will be presented information regarding the Quantum Moon and how to get to it in Outer Wilds.

Sixth Location of the Quantum Moon - Outer Wilds

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    How to get to the Quantum Moon

    In Outer Wilds, various quantum objects are presented. Among these objects is the Quantum Moon. The quantum objects have the particularity that when they are not looking at them, or an image of these, the object can be teleported to another point in the universe.

    One of the easiest ways to get this object is to go to Giants Deep. By continuing to watch while you are away from the planet, then the Quantum Moon will appear. Once this happens, you should only send your Scout to the Quantum Moon and take a picture of him, since by doing this, the object is going to stay in place, and even land on it.

    Sixth location in Outer Wilds

    When you have finally managed to land on the Quantum Moon, then you will be able to take direction to the Sixth Location. To do this it will be necessary to locate the Quantum Sanctuary, which is a tower whose behavior is like that of a Quantum Object.
    Being in the Quantum Sanctuary, the next thing is to go inland. When inside, close the door and use the switch to light the room. In this you will find the marks on the wall that in turn will remind you of the three rules that have been learned up to that moment. On the right it will be possible to find a class map that shows the six locations. To deform a new location only the lights should dim and when they turn on again then you will find one of the six places located on the map.

    The Sixth Location is indicated with the symbol of the eye on the far right and to get there only the rule should be followed:

    - "You can only access the Sixth location if the sanctuary is in the North Pole of the planet."

    To get to the aforementioned location, you only need to start moving around the Quantum Sanctuary to the Ember Twins. When you arrive at that place you should take direction to the North Pole and being in this place it will only be necessary to look around until the Quantum Sanctuary is deformed. Then you must go inland and go to the sixth location, you only need to leave the Sanctuary.

    How to talk to the Nomai in the Sixth Location in Outer Wilds Solanum

    When you finally reach the Sixth Location, it will be necessary to go to the South Pole. Being there it will be possible to find a Nomai named Solanum. However, the big problem is to communicate Solanum since you and he do not speak the same language. In this sense it will be necessary to use two stones of injection to speak. There are also two main stones: explain and identify. These should be used to learn about each topic that is played.

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