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Outer Wilds: How to Find the Tower of Quantum Trials

2019-06-05 20:40:56

In the game of exploration of Outer Wilds, if what is desired is to reach the Quantum Moon it will be necessary to master the rules that govern the Quantum. For its part, one of these can be achieved in the Tower of Quantum Trials, this is a puzzle that involves a somewhat considerable complication and is hidden in the depth of the giant. In this sense, in order to help the Outer Wilds community to locate the Tower of Quantum Trials in Outer Wilds, this guide has been made with the necessary information including solutions for puzzles and quantum rules.

How to get in the Tower of Quantum Trials - Outer Wilds

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    Tower of Quantum Trials location for Outer Wilds

    If you want to get Tower of Quantum Trials in Outer Wilds, it will be necessary to take direction towards Giant's Deep. This is about the dark green planet that has spiral twisters combined with a core protected by electricity.

    Being in Giant's Deep, you will need to find the largest cyclone that is located at the north pole of the planet. In this sense you just have to go back to this and use the propellers to get on this one. By doing all this, it will be possible to get the Tower of Quantum Trials that are inside.

    External Knowledge Tower of Quantum Trials

    When you finally reach the Knowledge Tower of Quantum Trials, you will be forced to face a series of puzzles. These, in turn, will teach you new information about quantum objects, they will also give you a clue with which it will be possible to reach the Quantum Moon.

    With regard to the puzzles, the following will be explained in the following sections.

    Wandering Bow Puzzle in Outer Wilds

    When facing this puzzle, it will be possible to learn a very important rule which is:
    The fact of observing a Quantum Object and is different from observing the image of a Quantum Object.

    The meaning of the previous rule is that as long as it is possible to see an image of a Quantum Object, it will remain in its place. This indicates that the first puzzle turns out to be easy, all that is needed is to keep looking at the bow and walk to it to fall through the hole.

    Wandering Bow Puzzle 2 in Outer Wilds

    In this second breakthrough of the Tower of Quantum it will be necessary to take a photograph of the Wandering Arc through its explorer. By doing this, the arch will be kept in place and therefore you will be able to walk on it, climb the stairs and even lower the hole at the base of the Arch.

    Wandering archery 3 in Outer Wilds

    For this third puzzle of the Tower of Quantum, things become a little more complicated. In this it is implied that I start taking the photograph of the crystal to later look around until finally the arch ends disappearing. Then you just need to take a picture of both and you can upload.

    Wandering Bow Puzzle 4 in Outer Wilds

    Finally, for the fourth puzzle of the Quantum Tower, it will be necessary to climb a large wall that has gravity crystals. While there, you should only look around until one of the large walls finally has the proper gravity crystal configuration. When this happens, it will only be necessary to take a photograph.

    After doing the above, it will only be necessary to walk to the highest gravity crystal. At this point you should only erase the image and keep the crystal in which your line of sight is located.

    The next thing is to look around until finally a crystal appears on top of you, that's where you're going to need to take a picture and go up. In case the Wandering Arc is not there, what you should do is look around until it appears to the side.

    Rules for Tower of Quantum Trials in Outer Wilds

    To complete the Tower of Quantum Trials in Outer Wilds it will be necessary to take into account the first rule mentioned above, which was used to clear the Wandering Arc. This indicates, in summary, that:

    If you are looking at an image of a Quantum object, it is similar to looking at the object directly with your eyes.

    This rule will be very important to remember, since it will be very relevant later in Outer Wilds.

    Remember to always come back here, and keep using our other guides that we will be adding.

    You can also leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or any other details that you want to add with which to help the other players in the community.

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