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Outer Wilds is an indie video game of action, adventure and exploration in the open world, where the player is located on a planet that has only about 20 minutes, before the sun in that solar system deconstructs everything ends up becoming a supernova and ends up destroying all. In this sense, the cycle of time is repeated and in each player learns more details that are altering the results with respect to previous cycles or games.

It is easy to determine that the strong point of Outer Wilds is the time loop. With the explosion and death suffered in the game, it will be allowed to wake up again in Timber Hearth as if nothing had happened. However, a chronometer is not available to locate in the amount of time remaining, before the sun becomes a supernova. Fortunately, given that the time for the explosion of the star is accurate, it will always be possible to prepare a propo timer in order to know the exact time remaining for the sun to finally explode.

Outer Wilds | Can You Outrun the Supernova?

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    How long it takes for the sun to explode in Outer Wilds

    The time cycle in which the Outer Wilds sun prepares to become a supernova and ends up exploding is approximately 22 minutes. This time interval begins to count as soon as you wake up in Timber Hearth for the launch tower.

    Taking into account the above, the player has available 22 minutes maximum, only, to go explore the Outer Wilds system before the star ends up exploding and ending with everything, to later start the cycle again as if nothing was passed.

    What turns out to be a benefit is that when you start the cycle again, you will have everything exactly the same as you did in the previous cycle. Because of this, the only inconvenience that is when the sun ends up exploding is that you must wake up again in Timber Hearth.

    The time cycle in Outer Wilds can not be extended

    The question frequently asked in the community is about whether the time cycle in which it takes to exploit the sun in Outer Wilds can be extended and although it would be great to be able to stretch the time a bit more, unfortunately it can not. That is to say that in Outer Wilds there is only a cycle of time approximately 22 minutes in which the sun will become a supernova and explode the entire system.

    Although it does not make sense at first, the fact that the cycle is composed for 22 minutes has its motive related to the story, so it will make sense when the conclusion is reached for this.

    Much of the challenge offered by entertainment in Outer Wilds is the challenge in that everything is destroyed in just 22 minutes, so it must be explored in that particular time. Now that you know this, go have fun and remember to implement your own stopwatch so you can take better advantage of the whole game.

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