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If there is something you should take care of in Outer Wilds Anglerfish is the monsters, these creatures are capable of chasing you and stalking you restlessly. Surely you in your first encounter with a monster in Dark Bramble instead of prudently escaping, you decided to face and the most provable thing is that you did not finish well.

Learning to escape monsters in Outer Wilds Anglerfish is something very important that you should know how to do, to be able to navigate freely and discover the fate of the Nomai who were trapped there.

Outer Wilds- Ship in dark bramble

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    Learn to escape monsters in Outer Wilds Anglerfish.

    The monsters are one of the few living creatures that you can find in Outer Wilds, besides being the only creatures with a hostile behavior that you will find in the game, which is even better for you, since almost all the planets, besides Timber Hearth, they are incredibly lethal without fangs and their thirst for death.

    As we mentioned, most of the monsters are in Dark Bramble although previously they were in the star system.

    But to learn its secrets you will have to go to Ember Twin.

    Once you arrive at Ember Twin you will have to get access to Sunless City. Walk to the central area where there are 4 columns, illuminate the one that has Stepping Stone District written in Nomai below to activate the lights that will guide you where you should go. Then take a look at the side passage and find the room where the following conversation written in Nomai is:

    Laevi: "We meet in the cave of fossil fish to play the game! If you are too big to climb through the hole of the Anglerfish Overlook, you will have to travel the long way, but it is not far." Go to the Cave of the Stone from Paso, and then go up and enter the Cave of Fossil Fish. "

    Lami: "Taget can no longer go through the viewpoint hole of the anglerfish because he grew taller! He is taller than Laevi now."

    Laevi: "Who cares? Ilex is still the tallest."

    Taget: "I tried to reach the fossil fish through the Stepping Stone cave, but I could not find the entrance, where is it?"

    Ilex: "Remember to feed the fossil fish first! If you go to Anglerfish Overlook and throw a light in its mouth, it will show you the way."

    This conversation will help you determine how to find your way to the Fossil Fish cave.

    You will have to return to the central area and activate the pillar marked "Anglerfish Overlook District". Then you will have to go up to the lights and go out the big door. Upon leaving you will see a set of stairs that lead to a cave that has a large crack where you can see the skeleton of a monster on the wall.

    Throw your explorer through the crack until it falls into the wall monster's mouth, leave it there and return to the central area of ​​Sunless City.

    Go back to Stepping Stone and enter through the big door, you will reach a place where there is a large well filled with sand, go to the explorer and when it gets on you will have to push up to see a cellar on the roof It leads through the mouth of the fish and into the cave of Fossil Fish.

    Being close to all the spooky child skeletons you will find this conversation written in Nomai:

    Laevi: "Whoever it was when we finished the last time is the monkfish."

    Laevi: "Rule change! The monkfish now has to wear a blindfold."

    Laevi: "The rest of us lined up against a wall, when the monk says he's leaving, the little fish sneaks off to the other side."

    Laevi: "If monk catches you, you've already eaten."

    Laevi: "Aunt Pye says that the real monkfish is blind, so you have to wear a blindfold! The rule holds!"

    Ilex: "Updating the rule: it's fine if younger children do not use the bandage when they have it".

    But this is just one of the clues that you can discover in this same site. Take advantage of the fact that the monsters are blind.

    How to avoid the monsters of Dark Bramble in Outer Wilds

    When you enter Dark Bramble, you will see the lights in the heads of the monsters. The problem is that white lights can be a node that connects to other parts of Dark Bramble or can be a fish.

    The easy way to know which light is a monkfish is to simply use your browser, use the browser pointing to the monster and use the snapshot function to send images to your HUD.

    To hide from some monster aim the scout towards him, push and when you get a little speed slide down the rest of the way and slide until you pass him and while you do not go in any direction when you are near them they will not know you are there.

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