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About Origin we will be telling you in this article how to fix error 0xc00007b, so pay attention.

What is Origin error 0xc00007b?

This is an error code associated with the message "cannot start correctly", which appears when users try to start the game without being able to do so.

How to fix error 0xc00007b in Origin?

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    If you are wondering how to fix error 0xc00007b, you should keep in mind that so far there is no clear cause for this problem, in fact there is not even a clear solution.

    However, the first thing we recommend you do is check the integrity of the file system.

    Another thing you can do is access the start menu> search for "CMD"> right click on it and access by running as administrator> when you are inside you will have to type "chkdsk c: / f / r" and press Enter> then type "Y "and press Enter again> restart your PC and then you will have to install the service or initialize again to check if the problem has been corrected.

    You can also run the service as an administrator.

    Make sure to update Windows, as this may be the most likely cause of the problem.

    Make sure you have installed the latest version of DirectX and .NET Framework and reinstall the service.

    You can rule out if it is a problem in the service, trying to access another application.

     We hope that our guide on how to fix error 0xc00007b in Origin, has helped to correct your problem and you can resolve this error quickly.

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