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With our Ooblets guide you will learn more about How to update a house.

What do we need to know to update a house in Ooblets?

While we progress in the game we have the possibility of improving the house, among which the space stands out, to have more objects and decorations, but before it is possible to make repairs we can have a better vision of the farm house, citing The improvements of the house represent as an expense of many gummies, but regardless of what it is and still we want to understand How to update a house, we will reinforce ourselves with the content that this explanatory guide has and that will be presented below, only the reading It will be enough to help us, let's do it.

How to update a house in Ooblets?

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    The most important improvements have a great cost of gummies, it is ideal that before doing this we have a good amount gathered to make them to the maximum, after what we must do is go to the Manatwee store, which we will find in the city center , here it is possible to make the different purchases to update a house, the cost of the first improvement is 2000 gummies, it is about the changes to size 2, while size 3 has a cost of 3000 gummies and we must consider other improvements that we can do once we complete the different tasks, in the store we are going to notice the 2 models of houses in a showcase and knowing all the details it is possible that it will take us a long time to access the improvements of a house due to the costs that they represent, but it is worth it.

    It is evident that knowing how to update a house allows us to progress and have fun in Ooblets.

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