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2020-07-16 12:23:13

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If you want to know how to store items in Ooblets, you will find it in the right place since all the details will be covered here.

What should we know about the articles in Ooblets?

Our arrival on the island for the first time is limited to a briefcase where we are going to carry out what we have, it being our only storage option at the moment, in this game the space resulting from being very limited at times, looking for other Possibilities that help us to know how the items are, somewhere or if it is possible to improve the capacity of our inventory, in short all the answers come below, let's just pay close attention and see what it is about.

How to store items in Ooblets?

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    We have the option of a permanent storage, where we place the recipes and other items that may be initially without being useful and we have to use them as we progress, this possibility goes through the expansion of the farm house, from the beginning of the game it is possible to have said option but limited to only 6 items, we will notice it when we enter the house, because on the floor there is a suitcase, this is where we store items, but when interacting with the suitcase we access a menu To save several instantly, while we complete the different tasks and vary our level, we have many options so that the storage capacity is greater, in which case we will always be open to other possibilities that may arise later in the game.

    This is the end of our guide on How to store items, hoping that you can get the most out of Ooblets, a very busy game.

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