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2020-07-16 11:35:54

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Now that Ooblets has just been released, it will be good to know the most important thing, so here we will tell you how to get obsidian.

What is obsidian in Ooblets?

This is a brilliant resource left behind by the Gleamys, a unique form of Ooblets, very similar to the brilliant Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. It will be a very useful item that you want to know how to obtain.

How to get obsidian in Ooblets?

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    You will be able to find this resource on the ground while searching the city, many times it is found under the rocks that it destroys on your farm as well, however, it does not appear every day but it does it randomly. so sometimes you may not get it.

    You can also buy this material using wishies, which you will get by completing daily tasks and completing badges. Keep in mind that you will need about 100 wishes to obtain an obsidian.

    As we finish this article on how to get obsidian in Ooblets, we hope it has been as helpful as possible and you have gotten as much material out of the way quickly as needed.

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