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We have prepared for you a Ooblets guide where we will explain how to cook and obtain recipes, let's see.

Why cook and make recipes at Ooblets?

Normally, it is ideal to keep busy in our daily activities, since we are in an environment where cooking for our house is simply essential, in addition, the opportunity to make recipes allows us to expand our menu beyond what is known, and this implies not only having the ingredients to cook if not the space where we prepare various recipes, especially since we have the opportunity to have some news to the point that making recipes becomes interesting.

How to cook and get recipes at Ooblets?

The art of cooking is very beautiful and allows us to play with many foods, dressings, in short it is a memorable moment, but we have all the necessary requirements and implements, you simply lose the emotion, so before going to cook you need to go search for the food we are going to use.
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    The recipes here are usually updated every day, which makes us face an excellent challenge, in addition to the possibility of obtaining recipes in more than one place, since the pieces of them are usually scattered throughout the buildings, also if we do not have knowledge For a complete recipe we simply use the Grumboire and do some research.

    Normally the recipes are made on the farm, so as soon as we can get all the pieces of the recipe it will be necessary to return home and take action, here at this point it is necessary to establish the difference between the recipes we prepare and this must Because each one has a different hue, as some recipes have a lighter color, while the new ones a darker color, this simply serves to incorporate it into our inventory.

    This is all we know about how to cook and get recipes, because obviously this art is wonderful and we can develop it in Ooblets.

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