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Oninaki: How to Unlock Daemon Lore - tips and tricks

2019-08-21 23:11:35

Learn with us to Unlock Daemon Lore in Oninaki. All details are shown below.

If you are curious to know how to Unlock Daemon Lore of Oninaki, then you have arrived at the right place, because this time we will be teaching you a series of tricks that will help you unlock the story of the demon, so check it out.

How to Unlock Daemon Lore in Oninaki?

First of all before unlocking the story of the devil, you must unlock the Daemon Lore node that is located in the Daemon skill tree. To do this you must go to the main menu and enter the Daemon tab, select the Daemon you want to examine. You will then have to go to the Skill Tree option and open it by pressing the X button to move to the Daemon's skill tree.

It is worth mentioning that some of the nodes in the tree have the ability to unlock memories of Daemon when opened. To unlock them, a specific amount and type of soul stones are required, which you can get by eliminating enemies.

Once you manage to Unlock Daemon Lore nodes in your Daemon's Skill Tree, you can see Daemon Lore at the save points. Then go to a save point and open the Save menu, press the Daemon Lore tab and see the story you want to see. You should know that this will allow you to access a new section of your Daemon's skill tree and that you can also do it as many times as you want.

It is worth mentioning that the more you unlock a Daemon's skill tree, the more he will reveal himself to Daemon Lore, such as who the Daemon was before he died. In addition, for each bit of Daemon Lore unlocked, the link between the player and the Daemon will also increase, thus improving the statistics and effectiveness of their abilities.

When you manage to unlock the memory, you will have to go to a save point to see it. These are huge pillars scattered around Oninaki, which manage to emit a healing sphere when you approach them.

Then you will have to open the Save menu, when you go to the save point and press the X button. Go to the right once to select the Daemon Lore option and then press the D-Pad, in this way you can tour the Daemon Lore. Once this is done, they will give you an explanation about the Daemon's past and what led them to become what they are today.

Once you have observed the story of a Daemon in Oninaki, you will gain access to a new section of your skill tree, which can offer you both statistical improvements and new skills that make you stronger. Therefore, it is recommended to try to Unlock Daemon Lore as is within your reach.

Now that you know how to Unlock Daemon Lore story, it's your turn to put it into practice, so good luck!

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