2018-12-04 19:01:05

Finally the combats of trainer arrive at Pokémon GO. The official Twitter account of Pokémon GO gave an announcement to the fans adding the following, "Beginning this month, the combats between coaches will allow you to challenge a friend or another coach to a duel at any time," he added, "Reta To another trainer using a battle code, choose your team of three Pokémon and discover who will be the winner. When the battle is over, both participants will receive great rewards, including even the possibility of receiving rare objects of evolution. " This means that the combats between coaches will soon arrive at the game.

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    Below are more details about its operation and features: The Pokémon GO trainer bouts will allow players to challenge another person to measure their forces on the battlefield. They will have to use a combat code, create a team with three Pokémon and start the combat. Coaches with ultra friendship and with unparalleled friendship will have the possibility to challenge from anywhere., the duels will be in real time Both contestants must compete in the same league of coach matches, with the objective that the matches are as fair as possible.

    Although Niantic has not specified a launch date for the Pokémon trainer matches, it has confirmed that they will be available for everyone this December.