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We welcome you to our Oddworld Soulstorm guide, where we will tell you about All trophies.

What to know about the trophies in Oddworld Soulstorm?

For our progress and different actions during the game we are rewarded with some trophies, these being a total of 33, which are divided into 19 bronze, 9 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum, now to know which ones are All trophies it is ideal that we take into account this guide and its content that follows from now on, so let's do it carefully.

What are all the trophies in Oddworld Soulstorm?

We will see all the trophies divided by list according to their rank in Oddworld Soulstorm, then let's move on to the following details:
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    • It doesn't release the Mudokons which side are you on
    • Create the first recipe teaching a mud to fish
    • Create one of all objects in the brewing relationship
    • Kill a Slig after he's coated with Brew
    • Scare 500 Sleeches minimum
    • Steal 250 loot
    • Create Antidote for 15 Diseased Mudokons
    • One Slog minimum in 15 seconds of the race
    • Recycle 100 bottles
    • Kill 100 Sligs at the same time as we are seizing
    • Catch one of each type of Slig
    • Through the bird portals free 100 Mudokons
    • With dispossession end 100 Sligs
    • At the gates of Moolah collect 500 Moolahs
    • With the negative Quarma complete a level
    • With the positive Quarma complete a level
    • Throughout the game complete a quarter of the various badges
    • Throughout the game complete half of the different badges.


    • Escape from Trellis by riding a train
    • With the eye of the wagon make the escape from the mines of Necrum
    • Complete the shrine without dying
    • In 5 levels find the negative Quarma
    • Undamaged escape the Monsaic lines
    • Without the use of a vendo take down the eye of the storm from the level
    • For a good Quaram at the meeting that takes place on the old lattice free enough Mudokons
    • In the escape level free enough Mudokons for the Quarma
    • Get at least three-quarters of the various badges throughout the game.


    • Free the Mudokons
    • Get a positive Quarma in 5 levels
    • Complete the game if you kill more than 100 ZSligs
    • Complete all levels without Abe dying
    • Find all the existing badges in the game.


    • Get all the trophies.

    Thus, we finalize our guide on What are All the trophies, hoping that you can get the best out of Oddworld Soulstorm, a very busy game

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