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Octopath Traveler: How to Combat, Break Enemies and Boost Attacks

2019-06-07 22:24:03

 Octopath Traveler will soon be celebrating its first year of life, after its premiere on the Nintendo Switch almost a year ago. Today it is already available in both Switch and PC, Octopath Traveler has a lot of things that we love. One of the most outstanding is its retro style, the combats, when you have to destroy enemies and increase the fighting. We just love it

And just about that we have an Octopath Traveler guide for you, so you know how to fight, destroy enemies and Boost attacks. We have everything you need well in detail to combat, destroy enemies and Boost attacks in Octopath Traveler.

Octopath Traveler -- Combat Tips

how to fight, destroy enemies and Boost attacks.

Octopath Traveler combat is based on turns. The combat encounters in the open world of the game are totally random, and a group of enemies can throw you out of nowhere when you're out and explore less when you're in towns or cities of course.

When it's your turn to attack, pick up a weapon. Although you will have the conventional option of attacks, including bows, swords, spears and daggers, and then there is the group of attacks of "character abilities".

On your screen, under each enemy, you will see a number inside a blue orb, which will tell you how many critical attacks that enemy has left. before breaking.

During the first combat against an enemy, there will be a series of blank question marks to the right of this number, which hide the type of weapons to which this enemy is weak. So the only option left for you to be able to know which weapon is weaker than simply testing them all against him. Once you find the correct weapon, a 'Weak' sign will appear next to the enemy, with the type of weapon filling one of the question marks in white and the number in the blue orb marking one.

When the blue number runs out, your enemy will be stunned and their attacks blocked one turn.

Attack using all the power you can, and take advantage of the fact that any damage they receive now is increased since they can not defend themselves adequately. This is a basic Octopath Traveler loop with which you can destroy enemies.

There is an SP meter for each of your characters in Octopath Travele, the points of this meter are spent very quickly releasing special abilities these abilities can also damage an enemy's break meter.

Special abilities will depend on your abilities, throw several blows at a single enemy or inflict elemental damage on the entire battlefield.

Octopath Traveler Boost Mode Attacks.

To increase the attacks of an Octopath Traveler character activate the Boost mode,

Next to the name of each character on the battle screen, you will see a number of blank orbs, which turn golden when they are completed. Each character always starts a battle with a completed orb, and it is this coin that you use to increase attacks in Octopath Traveler.

When it is your turn and you have Boost mode activated, precious R to increase the attacks of your character in Octopath Traveler. Activate the Boost mode whenever you want to finish quickly with an enemy or deal a lot of damage to a boss.

You can spend a maximum of three points of increase in a turn for a character, and for each point you spend, make multiple attacks at once.

But you can not only increase the standard level attacks on your Octopath Traveler character. But also the attacks of special character abilities in Octopath Traveler.

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