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In this article you can find everything you need to know how to get mosquito lint on the ground easily.

What are mosquitoes on land?

As you can imagine, it is one of the insects they find in the game and they are so similar to real life ones, that they are just as annoying, although they won't hurt you, if they will fly towards you insistently and make you back up a bit. The good thing about them is that it allows you to obtain a valuable resource.

How to get mosquito fluff on land?

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    First of all you have to find them, they are usually found almost anywhere and can take a while to appear, so they have to keep their eyes open to be aware.

    Although the best place to find them is the mystery machine, they always fly through the area.

    To get the lint, you have to kill them and loot their bodies, which allows you to get a certain amount of lint with which you can create various valuable items.

    This was our article on how to get mosquito fluff on Earth, do not forget that we already have a lot of content that will be very useful to progress in this survival title and that we recommend recommendations to keep you up to date.

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