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No Man’s Sky: How to Increase Storage

2019-08-06 20:14:46

In this new installment of No Man’s Sky we will teach you to increase storage. So take a look.

One of the most frequent problems that No Man's Sky presents is related to its inventory system. That is why we have decided to bring you a series of indications that will allow you to increase storage, making things a little easier when playing No Man’s Sky.

How to increase storage in No Man’s Sky?

With the No Man's Sky update you will notice that there are separate types of inventory for both Exosuits and Spacecraft. As shown below:

General: it has a standard inventory, designed for resources, valuables, components.

Technology: this allows to install technological updates.

Load: this is only available in the Exosuit and adds high capacity slots, which allow you to stack resources in greater quantity.

To ensure that you constantly find the problem of a complete inventory, you should take note of the following: You will only have the ability to store as many items as inventory space. Beginning with:

5 slot machines in your Multitool.
12 in your Exosuit.
15 on your starship.

You should not use the Multitool for storage. You will have 27 inventory slots to store things.

Once you install the Technology on one of your No Man’s Sky devices, you can occupy an inventory slot. It is very important to install technology in separate technology slots, which are found in the Exosuit and Ship menus.

Keep in mind that minerals can be stacked on top of each other in 250 sets per slot, however, up to 500 can be accumulated in certain Starship and cargo slots. Since you cannot accumulate so many basic products in your inventory, you must sell them to get out of them.

Instead of dealing with an inflated inventory from the beginning of No Man’s Sky, you should give priority to the minerals it carries early. It is advisable to keep only what you consider necessary and sell what you do not need. However, it is recommended to accumulate as much uranium and sodium as possible, as these will serve as a fuel source, in addition to preserving a decent stock of Tritium, Carbon and Oxygen and everything needed to make Warp Fuel.

Another tip that can help you increase storage in No Man’s Sky is to transfer things to your spaceship from anywhere. Although you should keep in mind that you will not have access to your Starship inventory, unless you are very close to your Starship.

How to know when the starship is near in No Man’s Sky?

To ensure that your starship is close enough to sell items in your inventory at commercial terminals, you must dock your ship at the corresponding docking station.

On the other hand you can also increase storage by looking for terminals in Drop Pods by paying a fee that increases by 10,000 with each Exosuit update terminal used. Although you should know that you will have to repair the components. It should be noted that these terminals can also be obtained at space stations behind unlocked doors with an Atlas Pass v1.

Another option to increase storage in No Man’s Sky is to compare a larger Starship to get a greater Starship presence.

Basically this is all you need to consider to increase storage in No Man’s Sky.