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No Man’s Sky: How to Build Refiner - tips and tricks

2019-08-20 15:46:24

We have made a guide for you to build refiner in No Man’s Sky, so let's see what those necessary tips will be.

Elements to build refiner in No Man’s Sky.

First of all, it is necessary to specify that a refiner is simply a necessary tool in No Man's Sky, this has an important function and is to develop other elements in the game technologically, thanks to the fact that a refiner can be built we have the opportunity to develop other resources . Our refiner consists of 3 categories and these vary according to their function and capacity. In the meantime, since we already have the simple laptop, it is necessary that you get these 50 ferrite powder and 30 oxygen materials, since both components serve so that you can build the refiner that we are looking for in No Man’s Sky.

What can we do when build refiner in No Man’s Sky?

As we have already developed the portable refiner it is important to maintain it, for this we require fuel that is prepared with carbon to be able to feed our construction, then place a reagent at the entrance. At this point the material will be refined and will become a more valuable resource, which makes it more interesting to change other products such as converting ferrite powder into pure ferrite once it is processed in the refiner. In the meantime in the game you will be shown a list of the elements that you can use to process, remember that when the element has been refined you will be shown a green light, which indicates that your material is already ready to be collected in No Man's Sky. This means that build refiner is important as it gives us more dense and refined elements so that they are more useful.

Thus the effects show us improvements in capacity because the elements that are refined can be used more efficiently since the materials that are refined have better performance

Everything can not be perfect but it is possible to make it a little, that is why, building a refiner is interesting but requires that fuel be made because it is necessary to start it, since the refining process can take time . To fight against these problems there are updates so it is important the large and medium refiners present in No Man's Sky, these in their case are not portable and consume very little fuel because they have a more relevant aspect and they work with the habitable base of the Player, likewise, these two versions have a most interesting aspect because they manage to break down some refined element when it is important what it does is different from the portable refiner in the game.

Build a large and medium refiner in No Man’s Sky.

In the case of the medium refiner, 2 elements can be processed equally, which does not happen with the portable refiner that must be individual. To build the medium refiner you need to release the plane in one of the missions of the computer base, you also need to have 100 magnetized ferrite as well as 5 gelatinous hydrogen, these are the two components that are required for the refiner Medium be drawn in the game.

For its part, building a large refiner has another even better advantage and it is possible to process 3 elements. To build it we need to achieve a plan that is possible to do in scientific research missions and with that we require 20 chromatic metals, 100 sodium nitrates and finally 5 microprocessors since it has more processing capacity in No Man’s Sky.

In summary, build refiner is important to keep us in the game and to be able to combine elements that we want to be produced of better quality in the No Man’s Sky game.

PS4, Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One
Action-adventure, survival
Hello Games
Hello Games
Kein Wert
Release date:
9 August 2016
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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