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We have prepared a guide so you can update the ship and explore in No Man's Sky.

Update the ship in No Man's Sky

One of the most recent expansions in the game aims to update the ship. Since this adventure is part of the evolution of Hello Games.

Remember that the ship is your primary means of transport, so it is important to equip it with weapons. In addition it will give you access to technological inventory, yes, keep in mind what is really necessary, since, there will be a lot of technology available and if you do not carry an order everything will become quite confusing in No Man's Sky.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that in the game there are different types of ships. So, we find the shuttle ship, which simply has low but usable bonuses. Meanwhile, there is also the fighter ship, this one is more powerful and has considerable damage bonuses. The ship explores another bond for hyperdrive. On the other hand, the carrier ship has shield bonuses and finally, the salt ship has statistical bonds that are fairly even.

All No Man's Sky ships have specific objectives, so it is important to know how to adapt and upgrade the ship for the comfort of our game. So, if you want more information about the differences that ships have, just come to the gamepedia portal and that's it.

Advantages of update the ship in No Man's Sky.

In order to update the ship it is necessary to know the classes of ships, these are classified in C, B, A, S. Each one has an increase in bonuses, be clear that class C ships are actually the lowest, that is, less than 20%, meanwhile class B ships are also moderately low but not as much as class C, which It represents 20% or a little more. In the meantime, class A ships are around 35% but not at maximum and finally, class S ships reach 50%, that is, they have more possibilities of inventory selection.

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    According to the types of ships, technological modules are available, these are composed of, hipredrive technology, weapons and scanning. The modules allow to increase the capacity of the bonuses, as well as the armament and health.

    Getting the technology modules is simple, since as you explore the No Man's Sky game, you can buy them from the space station vendors.

    The first thing you need to do to upgrade the ship, is to install a statistical module, because this will enhance the strengths of your ship.

    Another advantage is to have different types of ships and these can be bought, as you explore the worlds in No Man's Sky, for this you need money, but that is a topic that will be discussed in another article.

    In short, update the ship in No Man's Sky is great, as you will find yourself on a walk through the worlds and explore many special places. Let's enjoy it.

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