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Nintendo Switch Lite: How to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer -motion controls

2019-07-11 19:38:29

We'll talk about the Nintendo Switch Lite: how to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer, the handheld PC only grabs the nintendo console, you can also use the movement controls, even add joy-con from the original console, if you have doubts Here we will guide you so you know how to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

On the Nintendo Switch Lite how to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer.

The old version of the original switch of the nintendo with this could be achieved to connect the joy-Con to the main unit and thus synchronize without having to do something else. But the Nintendo Switch Lite has permanent controllers connected, meaning that other types of controllers must be paired remotely, then how it works:

We are already in the process of how to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer.

We go to the initial menu, we get into controllers, we enter to change grip and order to move to another screen:

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    Being already on this screen you press and hold the synchronize button on the controller that you are going to use, with the round button on the back, this will be repeated twice to use the pair of controllers.

    You will know when the additional joy-Con is already synchronized since the LED of the player will be permanently on, now it is also necessary to let the Nintendo Switch Lite know so that you can use the additional joy-Con, even if it is to configure two controllers joy- With or as a single horizontally. To achieve this, you have to press the buttons according to the image that appears on the screen.

    Consequently these are two small buttons to use one individually or two in both for double grip, you can even synchronize and press both buttons in the pro controller to add it-

    At the end is resolved with this explanation of how to connect an extra Joy-Con for multiplayer in the Nintendo Switch Lite, now you can take advantage of the multiplayer with your friend, follow these steps and you will achieve it.