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Nintendo Switch: How to Use The Phone as a Control

2020-01-10 11:59:11

Our Nintendo Switch guide takes us to explain everything about how to use your phone as a control.

Why use the phone as a control in Nintendo Switch?

To know how to use your phone as important controls make use of the Nintendo Switch, because there is the possibility that with the hybrid console we need more and our phone can be a useful tool, we can make it work as a command, since the joy-coin or pro controllers, are usually too expensive today.

How to use your phone as a control in Nintendo Switch?

To be able to use the phone as a command it is necessary to download an application, because without it we cannot synchronize it, this is an application that is in alpha public state, which makes it more tedious, but still it is necessary to enter Play Store or Apple Store, and download with Joycoin Droid.

How to download the application to place the phone as a remote control in Nintendo Switch?

  • Turn on the Nintendo Switch and go to Controls.
  • Change the Grip / Order and press and hold to match in the application.
  • Press the Sync button so that our phone is discovered.
  • Wait for the connection to be established on the switch, there we will see the gray controller icon.
  • Press the application buttons, making sure the connection has been paired and ready.

What to do if the phone is not paired in Nintendo Switch?

This is an error that the application brings, but calm that that has a solution, this inconvenience is seen when Switch requests the pairing on the screen, changing the order / grip or simply the pairing does not occur, there we will only change order / subject in the menu and accept the pairing request.

Does this solution work for iPone / iOS?

Unfortunately not, only for Android, if the opportunity is given later with another one other than Android, we will make sure to update this guide.

 In general terms, knowing how to use your phone as a control is excellent, since it makes things easier for us to play in Nintendo Switch.

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