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This time we return with a guide to Nintendo Switch with the objective of explaining how to cancel your online subscription.

What to know about Nintendo Switch?

As time goes by we see that Nintendo's library continues to grow today, even having access to the classics, some interesting online options and even a voice application, despite this we may not be so convinced about it and requires knowledge of How to unsubscribe online and to see more details it is necessary to see the following content.

How to cancel your online subscription at Nintendo Switch?

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    • From the console: we start the eShop in the console to look for the user icon that is in the right corner to enter, here we have to download the Online option of the console, we choose to turn off the automatic renewal, considering that it must wait a period of 48 hours so that the charge is not invoiced for a further period, the details of the subscription regarding the change will be visible on the Nintendo channel, we accept it and by this option we will have it Enter your account on the page Nintendo website by clicking on the red box in the upper right corner.
    • From a browser: it is necessary to enter the avatar that is in the upper right corner to go to the configuration, seeing on the screen details of us the user, you have to enter the option of the store menu that is on the left, we will see the payment details and balance that we have in the Nintendo account, going down we can enter the subscriptions, here we can see the status of the membership corresponding to the online console, we just have to go to the option to turn off the automatic renewal, and it will be canceled in this way.
    Depending on the time of use that we have paid, it is possible that even using this service, the automatic renewal deactivation is from the next cut that begins when the previous payment is fulfilled until we had paid, once this time ends we will have access there, If it was a month that is in progress, only at the end of that period, the access will be finished, considering that a refund is not possible.

    We hope that the information presented here on how to cancel your online subscription has been helpful in using the Nintendo Switch at our personal discretion.

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