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Nintendo Switch: How To Block YouTube - Tips and tricks

2020-06-08 10:11:30

Today we are going to tell you how to block YouTube because this can be done in Nintendo Switch, let's see.

Really, is it necessary to block YouTube in Nintendo Switch?


 Currently the YouTube platform has managed to penetrate perfectly well in all types of published that goes from the smallest to people who are in the third age, because in one way or another there is something interesting that we can achieve, because there are varied topics for all the likes.


 Knowing how to block YouTube is necessary above all considering that it is precisely the boys who have access to Nintendo Switch and with this they can access internet platforms, since there is usually some fear of various topics that may be on the network and that we particularly consider that they do not they are useful.


 Currently Nintendo Switch has achieved great acceptance around the world, perhaps because it is an easy-to-use platform, but like everything easy, it always has a setback that does not convince a certain population and is access to platforms that could simply contain some elements that are not very satisfactory. , so knowing How to block YouTube may be necessary only that unfortunately this is not possible, but there are some interesting options that we can apply.

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    Is it possible to restrict YouTube content on Nintendo Switch?

     The main goal and the one that many parents or guardians choose is to know how to block YouTube but since this is simply not possible, it is necessary to take other measures such as content limitation, because here it is possible to omit some unnecessary content and to this is necessary:


    •  Consider first that knowing how to block YouTube is not possible so far.
    • Open the Nintendo Switch Switch Menu section.
    • Then we will access the YouTube app for it we highlight it and press A.
    • We move to call you from below the application menu, there we will select settings.
    • Below we see a list on the right side where the restricted mode option is, highlight and press the right date tab.
    • We proceed to select the On option and press A from our controller.


     Although we don't really explain how to block YouTube if you specify some considerable restriction measures for the platform.


     How to block YouTube by setting parental controls to Nintendo Switch?


     This activity is somewhat more complex and although it is not exactly a total block, it can be considered a great help, since there is the possibility of making the appropriate configuration in our Nintendo Switch and ensuring that children or young people do not access unnecessary applications or that involve spending of money.


    •  For this process it is necessary to go to the System Configuration from the Nintendo Switch home screen.
    • This will take us to the settings where it will be necessary to touch Parental Control.
    • Then we proceed to close all the applications that are active and continue with the manual configuration.
    • At this point we will see some indications that it is necessary to follow and that this allows us to open the Configure Parental Controls window.
    • It is necessary to carefully consider that we are presented with a kind of notification where it is clear that parental control is necessary and that it is possible to get such an application on some platforms such as Play Store or AppStore but it is not a cause for concern.
    • Since we have read the note, we will confirm that we have installed the application.
    • Then we select the option Enter registration code and proceed to enter the code shown on the screen of our Smartphone.
    • We go ahead and select Register so that this parental control setting is enabled.

    How to block YouTube with limited time for applications in Nintendo Switch?


     Getting some applications to only have a time limit is an interesting option because the little ones will not have access to certain platforms that may not be useful to them and this can actually be done in a relatively simple way.


    •  First we will access the parental control application.
    • Next we will place the time that we consider necessary for the game of our little one.
    • The minimum time placed can be 15 minutes and maximum all the time we consider necessary.
    • This configuration allows us, apart from blocking YouTube, the possibility of limiting communication with others as well as the opportunity to share some photos or videos through so-called social networks.


    Can we use the YouTube Kids App at Nintendo Switch?

    Although the aforementioned alternatives manage to prevent the content available on YouTube in a way, it is good to consider that this does not hide it completely and although it is currently not possible to know how to block YouTube if we can avoid it to the maximum, especially considering that the smallest are the ones who more often explore.

    Anyway, we do not necessarily stand idly by because there is the YouTube Kids App, and it is that it restricts a large amount to the point that children can access, although the healthiest alternative is to supervise them and be close to them, this gives us a lot more security.

     In this sense, although it is not yet possible to know how to block YouTube if there is the possibility of limiting it considerably and that the boys can play in Nintendo Switch with all the comfort as possible.

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