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Nintendo Switch battery life: How to find new improved battery life

2019-08-19 19:59:20

We have written a guide to verify the console to find a new improved battery life on Nintendo Switch

First step to find a new improved battery life on Nintendo Switch.

In the beginning to find a new improved battery life it is important to review the new console models and be very attentive as it can be a bit confusing with the previous edition. It should be noted that they have made a couple of changes so that players can recognize the most current Nintendo Switch model.

One of the aspects that is most evident in the Nintendo Switch console is the new box model in which the console comes, which reflects a photo of the system and a TV that appears sitting on a red background, and even shows a more detail with the Joy-Con.

If you are looking for the new Switch on store shelves, this should be your most obvious clue. However, there are some other things to consider. Mainly, the improved system is identified with a new model number that begins with the letters HAD, that is, HADSKAAAA or HADSKABAA. This contrasts with previous models that identify with HAC. These systems also carry an updated serial number that begins with XKW, while the serial number of the original system begins with XAW.

Find a new improved battery life of the Nintendo Switch console.

We go specifically to the console who presents some new details of great importance, one of them and perhaps the most relevant is the HAC-001 (01) label. You must be attentive because one or both numbers will be seen in the new models, you must be aware because the previous Nintendo Switch model brings only HAC-01 without the other pair of additional numbers, these are shown at the top of the console vents.

The great advantage for all the players who buy the consoles online is that they keep the list of previous models and this new list of newer models separated, which is excellent and can be reflected in some portals such as Amazon or Walmart, if you are looking for Other vendors try to check the product series well since they are likely to have previous hardware.

For its part, the battery is not larger, it is actually the same as the previous model with a change, and it has a newer chip system and a current NAND memory. In the meantime they are the same consoles, because if you check well up to the cost of the manufacturer it is the same as the retailer that sells them in a store so the ideal is to acquire the new Nintendo Switch, some may call it Switch V2 that in fact its most important point Relevant and positive for the players is the battery life, which makes it a great evolution.

Consequently the best option to find a new improved battery life is to choose to buy the new Nintendo Switch HAD console and have a lot of fun.