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Nintendo Labo VR is desired by the Sony director Shuhei Yoshida

2019-04-11 22:54:30

Nintendo makes its entrance to virtual reality with its new device. It is an accessory of the Nintendo Switch, called Kit Labo VR. One of the particular features of Lab VR is that it is made of cardboard. Several Nintendo executives declared that they decided to use this material due to various considerations, including the fact of being different, sustainable at the environmental level, and being something different in innovative, as well as "fun".

Executive administrator Shinya Takahashi commented that cardboard is well known among Japanese children, and they have always used it for playing and making crafts. "Our concept with Labo was that it would be fun to play with the finished product, but that it would also be fun to make changes and understand their mechanics," said Takahashi.

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Shuhei Yoshida has preordered Nintendo Labo VR Kit

The chief executive of Nintendo Ko Shiota, stated that Nintendo Labo allows various possibilities of what can be done with Joy-Con controls of the Switch. On the other hand the designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto commented that the idea of ​​the use of cardboard as a base material for Nintendo Labo arose in the "ineterior of the company", because his desire is to be innovative and fun in a variety of ways: "We are committed to Nintendo being a company that innovates in ways to have fun, not only in video games. "

Although it is true that Nintendo Labo has technical limitations, it can not be denied that it is a very attractive alternative. In fact, this is further confirmed given that the director of the Sony Studios around the world, Shuhei Yoshida revealed to a fan on Twitter that he has already asked for the Nintendo Kit Labo VR. Yoshida is also known to be a big fan of Nintendo's offerings.

It is openly considered that the alternative VR of Nintendo is not at all at the height of the PlayStation VR presented by Sony, it is also believed that it could help in the popularization of the VR format (as apparently also thinks its competition, Sony).