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Nintendo Switch Free games boost REVEALED

2019-03-19 19:02:27

Through its official Twitter account, Nintendo gave an announcement informing that those who own a Nintendo Switch will be able to get free offers during this week.

How to get great Nintendo offer

The Japanese company published good news for fans of the Switch console aimed at playingonline games, as the Japanese giant gave an official announcement regarding the release of some new demos that will be playable throughout this week, until next Monday, the 25th. March.

In addition, Nintendo also made it clear that along with the download of this special demo, the user will acquire a free trial of Nintendo Switch Online for a week, even if their previous free trial has already been exhausted.

special demo on Nintendo Switch Online

This can be interpreted as the fact that Nintendo Switch fans have an opportunity that goes beyond just playing online for free, as they will also be able to take advantage of Nintendo Entertainment System's selection of online games (NES ).

Of course, this is an opportunity that undoubtedly the owners / fans of Nintendo Switchshould take advantage of.