2018-12-02 22:57:34

The Game Awards, you have many news and one of them is that there are still plans for Dragon Age, a franchise of which we know nothing since 2014 launched the excellent Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age - whose second installment will arrive with the Games With Gold in December - is a franchise that has remained hidden since the launch, after having focused Bioware not only now on Anthem, but also on Mass Effect Andromeda, launched last year not without problems . However, that does not mean that in the studio they have forgotten about it ...

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    In a blog entry Bioware, manager Casey Hudson has assured that, as we know, right now they are engaged "in something secret about Dragon Age of what we will give news next month," referring to this December that starts tomorrow same. Likewise, Hudson makes clear that Dragon Age "is an incredibly important franchise for us, and we are proud to continue with his legacy." Of all it is known that Bioware will have a significant presence in The Game Awards, so this news about Dragon Age could well take place during the event, which will be held next Friday, December 7. Fortunately, in the same entry Hudson remembers Mass Effect, assuring that it is another franchise for which you also have plans.