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Today we bring you a guide to New World where we will explain how to group party.

What to know about New World?


 It is an MMO that seeks to excel later this summer, having with it the beta and its launch at the end of August, it is looking for in this genre a different twist being in this case the absence of a traditional structure of classes or jobs, which leads us to take weapon or armor to improve the levels of the skills required to interact with the world, now seeks to understand how to make party and for this we can consider the detallas present in this guide below, let's see.


How to make party in New World?


 As for New World beta has had a lot of movement in its corresponding servers in reserves it is possible that you can find how to make party at some point with other players in the world, being necessary that these come to be on the friends list, thereby achieving see who is connected and send an invitation to a party or message directly, certainly we have similar characteristics to other MMO with the same operation.

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    Add friends: what we will do first is that the other player is on the same server as us, considering that for now no support is presented that has to do with this and friends, then we will go through the social menu that is on the left of the interface, here we use the search bar in which we write the name of the player, We will notice the player's portrait, an  click on it, we will notice a button to add a friend, as for how to make party  in New World this is an important step, because we send a friend request and when he accepts it he will appear in the social tab, in friends we can detail from now on when he is connected.


    Now that we have a player in our friends list is simple to figure out how to make party, we just have to enter his name and invite him to the group, considering that we do not necessarily have to be friends for it, you can even add him to the group instead of adding him to our friendships, sending invitation to group in New World, then having access to the beta we can do many things while it arrives completely.


     Finally, now that we know how to make party we can go ahead with New World.

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