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New MSI DDR4 ram set at 5.9GHz achieved world record

2019-08-13 15:18:13

This guide is intended for those people who like to play, here we present the new DDR4 ram of 5.9 GHz that reached the world, its specifications and its record frequency so far.

The new DDR4 ram of 5.9 GHz is designed for those passionate and proud to get the last drop in their Games, there are those who take the hardware to the limit of its capacity like those of the PCs. This time the MSI team overclocker, Kovan Yang now have the world record for the highest frequency to date thanks to this DDR4 RAM.
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    What is the 5.9 GHz DDR4 RAM

    This is a RAM that managed to reach 5.9 GHz with 2 Kingston HyperX sticks on the MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC motherboard. For this reason Yang managed to reach the world record for the highest frequency on August 6 and the results were certified in HWBOT. In order to cool the heat generated in the tests, liquid nitrogen was used.

    We must keep in mind that in order to certify a world record of this DDR4 ram, the PC must start with its operating system and remain stable through validation, it is known that the stability for the world record overclocking requires additional voltage in the RAM thus generating more heat. This causes stable problems in this type of hardware, and usually very extreme cooling.

     In the new DDR4 RAM, the overclock was completed with the MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge motherboard, making use of the ITX form factor, leaving room for only 2 memory slots. Also the Intel Core i9-9900K CPU that was used was modified to work only with 2 of its 8 cores at 800MHz for its stability assistance.

    The DDR4 RAM of 5.9GHz left out TridentZ Royal of G. Skill so far. Now the overclocking team of the different PC hardware vendors are constantly working to try to recover the first place.

    This guide has allowed you to know the powerful DDR4 ram of 5.9GHz that reached the world record at the moment, we will be pending if this new record at some time can be overthrown by another competitor.