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Need For Speed Heat: How to get Origin Early Access

2019-08-15 20:53:37

Dear readers here we present this guide on Need For Speed ​​Heat which indicates that there will be changes in characteristics of the latest interactions, we will also explain how to get Origin Early Access.

 The EA has just impressed us with the new change of Need For Speed ​​and now it will be called Need For Speed ​​Heat and everything seems to indicate that there will be good changes in the characteristics, something bigger and more coherent, at the moment we have no official details of how it will be this update as such, but we'll tell you how to get Origin early access.

 When is the launch of Need For Speed ​​Heat

This new version of Need For Speed ​​Heat will be released worldwide on November 8 this year, so there is not much time to wait. In this case we can enjoy this game as it is readable in the Origin Early Access schemes available for PC, and through EA Access for Xbox One and PS4. You can get Origin Early Access by registering and start playing at the beginning of November 5th.

How will the races be in Need For Speed ​​Heat

In this new version of Need For Speed ​​Heat will take place in an open world and this will be in Miami called Palm City, we can only wait to see if EA faithfully creates Miami. In this version, when you get Origin Early Access you will notice that it revolves around a day and night cycle, where players will compete during the day at Speedhunter Showdown, and at night they will be underground street races, where you will enjoy the neon lights and nitrous in the front seat.

In this new version you can change the time of day when you want by going to the garage. Another significant change is that the local police will also change day and night. If it is daytime, you must go out of your way to get the attention of the police that will be patrolling the city of La Palma. But after dark completely change the rules, a Rogue work group goes out to play, from that moment they will be looking for you and at your wheels.

We hope that in this guide you have been able to clarify all your doubts about what is going to be Need For Speed ​​Heat in its new version, you know that from November 5 you can get Origin Early Access.