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If you want to know how to fix Unable to Synchronize User Profile Info in NBA 2K21, here you will find the solution.

What is the information synchronization problem in NBA 2K21?

This is a problem related to the error message "Unable to Synchronize User Profile Info", so if you need to solve it, you should continue reading below to know how to do it.
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    How to fix Unable to Synchronize User Profile Info in NBA 2K21?

    This error usually comes from the game servers, which are probably down or have maintenance problems, although it could also occur due to problems in your local network

    First you should know that you will be able to recover the profile information that has been saved in the cloud when the servers come back online, as long as you have previously saved your progress in the game recently.

    Most cloud saves will be overwritten when the game servers are back online.

    Unfortunately in this case the only solution is to wait until the server recovers and you can return without problem.

    It never hurts to make sure that the game servers are really down or not, so we recommend checking the game's social networks or the developers to find out more. You can also verify that your Internet connection is working without a problem.

     We hope that our guide on how to fix Unable to Synchronize User Profile Info in NBA 2K21 will be useful to you and the game servers will be active again to be able to without playing without this error.

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