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NBA 2K20 Top Three point shooters - Best Shooters Rating List

2019-07-22 19:41:32

We have been reviewing the NBA 2K20 in detail and we have prepared for you a guide with the best three point shooters in the game.

When NBA 2K20 release

This is the next basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts, in fact, it is the most famous basketball simulator in the world and in this case the 2020 version will be released on September 6, 2019 for users of Play Station 4, Xbox One , Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

The list of players is already updated in this review and we have reviewed it thoroughly and we have been able to summarize who are the best three point shooters , so we have prepared this short guide to tell you so that you are ready to start the game.

What are the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K20.

In the first place, as the best pitcher in this category we have Stephen Curry who has a score of 99, but he is not only considered the best in this category, because actually Curry is considered the best pitcher of all time deservedly winning the first Market Stall.

In second place in the category is Klay Thompson. Klay has a score of 97, which has given him the second place in the category and if you combine this score with the way he and Steph Curr understand you can combine their power of play and get hit several times and add three points.

The third place is occupied by Joe Harris, who has a score of 94, and has managed to stay at the top of the league in 3 points FG%, thanks to his training we have been able to notice the remarkable improvements he has had, so we do not rule out keep climbing.

JJ Redick and Buddy Hield are in the last two places of our ranking, both with a score of 90 do not stop having some very good numbers for this category.

In the case of Redick, he has sensational skills which offer perfect results no matter what type of training you give him. It has a simply perfect shooting ability.

Hield meanwhile, despite having been in seventh place with 3FG% during the league, has managed to be part of the best group of shooters. It has an excellent handling of the ball among other abilities.

Now that we know who are the best three-point shooters that will have NBA 2K20, we just have to wait for its premiere to prove its excellent shooting power.

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