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Find out how to solve the servo-horse code in this excellent and explanatory guide of Narita Boy.

What to know about the servo-horse code in Narita Boy?

This is one of the puzzles that we have to solve, this is in the servo-horse stable, where we have to go through some doors that lead us to the labyrinth, it is something that happens randomly, but it can be easy to solve, For this we rely on this guide and the explanation of How to solve the servo-horse code, we only pay attention to the following.
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    How to solve the servo-horse code in Narita Boy?

    What we will do is go to the far right of the main access room of the labyrinth, here we find a switch that is similar to the one in the underground garden, by pressing it we can open a secret door that is in the stable, when we are here it is necessary the use of the ability to jump in the air that will allow us to overcome the spikes that are protecting the track, at the end we will notice a series of symbols, which we have to write down for later use, what we will do is try in pairing of the boxes with the symbols so that they can work with the puzzle, after having what we need we will return to the puzzle room, what we can from now on is to pass through the doors that correspond to the code until we reach the next area of the game.

      Finally, now that we know how to solve the servo-horse code we can move on to Narita Boy.

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