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We know that there are many users who still do not know how to get weapons in Mortal Shell, so we prepared this article covering everything.

What is Mortal Shell?

Before telling you how to get weapons you have to know that this title is the new action role-playing video game developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack and that it was released a few hours ago on August 18, 2020 and is available for PlayStation 4 users , Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The first time you play this title you may realize that you only have access to one weapon, the Hallowed Sword, a fairly acceptable weapon with very decent statistics, however, as you progress, it goes short, so you need it. to get new weapons.

How to get weapons in Mortal Shell?

The first thing you have to do if you want to obtain new weapons is to find them, which is simple considering that they are located in the starting area of ​​each of the three temples that you need to find to complete the game.
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    For example, the martyr's sword can be found in the abandoned chamber, the hammer and chisel in the eternal narthex, and the smoking mace in the temple grounds.

    When you get to these areas you will find a statue holding the respective weapon on the side of a book on a stand. Here what you have to do is recite the pages of the book, which will lead you to a battle against Hadern who will use the weapon that you are configuring to obtain and that you will have to win in order to obtain.

    When you get it you can advance by the temple or return to the weapon you had before.

    If you want to change the weapon without using the statue you will have to get the corresponding item when completing a temple.

    When you leave a location like the candona chamber, you will find a chest shaped like a statue outside of a bright orange, if you open it you will find an object similar to the martyr's shawl or the statue of Sester with which you can summon the corresponding weapon or assign it to its fast use slot.

    Another way to change the weapon is on the second floor of the tower in Fallgrim.

    Don't forget to upgrade each weapon separately, so find the best weapon for you before using all your fire extinguishers.

    This was our guide on how to get weapons in Mortal Shell and now that you know how to get new weapons, there are no excuses for not having a sufficiently optimal and resolved arcenal in the game, so go ahead, improve your arsenal and your weapons.

    Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One
    Action role-playing RPG
    Cold Symmetry
    Unreal Engine 4
    Release date:
    18 August 2020

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